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Comments (6)

  • Comment on: HCA under fire for 'deathbed note'

    K W's comment 6 November, 2010 12:59 pm

    Maybe she has a point??? However I agree with anonymous above, too many other places she could have gone to and these actions would undoubtedly cause undue distress to patients and relatives.
    Answer me one question.... why would someone write a note and 'not intend it to be read???' Defeats the object of writing a note does it not?

  • Comment on: Nurse 'switched off life support'

    K W's comment 28 October, 2010 5:38 pm


    I read with great interest your posts. Unfortunatley my browser would not open page 2 until this time so it's nice to see the extra information available which of course changes quite a lot to what is detailed in the press.
    Of course anyone accepting an assignment has to bear responsibility to know they are safe to do so. If the nurse was not ventilator trained then she shoudn't have touched it, period. I know nothing about ventilators myself, but it seems that the process she followed from what you say was rather more than the simplisting 'just turned it off' as the press leads one to believe, so please disregard my comments above regarding battery back up.
    I am genuinely despondant that people have felt the need to resort to filming people do their jobs. Maybe I'm wrong, but I would guess that the CCTV was installed as a first point of concern??? I guess a concern had been raised prior to this? If so, why did that process fail and the need for CCTV arise? Surely with an acceptable response to a concern would have stopped this? (these aren't necessarily questions for specific answering, just generic questions/points).
    Whatever way you look at it, this is a tragic incident which could have been avoided and I feel for everyone involved.

    Just a small note for everyone to think about, whatever anyone says about this nurse, and what happened, she made a mistake, the ins and outs of why that mistake happened I don't know. That mistake had tragic consequences, however, no one can punish her as much as she will likely punish herself.

  • Comment on: Nurse 'switched off life support'

    K W's comment 28 October, 2010 4:57 pm

    Why are people so quick to shout out their opinions and condone something like this?
    People aren't allowed to make mistakes anymore without being judged. A failing like this is not the fault of one single thing but a series of faults, starting way back with the manufacturer and ending up at the minute the ventilator was allegedly turned off.
    Turn off an IV pump, it goes to battery back up straight away. Why doesn't/can't this ventililator have a battery back up - even a 60 second back up with a warning to let you turn it back on?
    Why did the family feel they had to take matters into their own hands with cctv? Whats' next? Are we all to be filmed doing our jobs??
    So many failings, let's not blame the nurse. She needs support and help through this very difficult time.
    Those people who are quick to 'tut tut', I guess you're the superhumans who've never made a mistake.....

  • Comment on: Nursing failures led to Staffordshire death

    K W's comment 10 September, 2010 9:48 am

    Mike, absolutely spot on. Nurses are a very easy scape goat for errors where in fact they are put in situations where they are almost set up to fail. I have sat in various management meetings and that attitude is obvious there - there's the non-clinical managers who put all this extra work on the floor staff and their attitude is 'well we all need to try harder'. But of course when the proverbial hits the fan, the managers sit in their little bubbles being safe from the backlash that the poor nurse who simply hadn't got the time to do what she needed to do because of all the other stuff she had to do too.
    I would bet my entire retirement pension fund that this situation is not unique. I bet there is a similar situation day in day out at every trust, just most of them don't get to this stage. I reckon that if a situation ever occured where the managers would be the ones accountable and responsible for these situations and blame taken off the nurses then the staffing/workload/pressure problems would miraculously go away very quickly. But until that time, all us nurses better watch our backs - there's always someone right behind you with something to stick in it...

  • Comment on: A&E waiting time targets face axe

    K W's comment 11 June, 2010 11:40 am

    About time. I agree with certain targets in A/E but as so many people have said the 'sore finger who can't be bothered to see own gp' so often gets seen before the cat 2 chest pain just because of waiting times.

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