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Kadiyali Srivatsa

Kadiyali Srivatsa



He has worked in NHS hospitals (Paediatrics) since 1983 and as a GP in a nurse-led PMS GP surgery since 2003.

He has developed special interest in helping to reduce spreading "Antibiotic resistant bacterial infections spreading in hospitals and community". In 1989, he noticed various practical procedures performed in paediatric neonatology and intensive care units were associated with increased MRSA infections.

He has been publishing articles, advising authorities, developing new techniques and informing medical disposable product manufacturers about the danger of spreading antibiotic resistant bacterial infections that threaten medical profession and humankind.

He has developed a tool "MAYA" and now created "VirtualNHS.COM" to help doctors (hospital and community) to create their own MAYA and offer their advice and treatment to their patients. This will not only reduce visits, admission but also antibiotic abuse, cross infections and will save the NHS>

He passionately b

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  • Comment on: Antibiotic use on the rise, despite attempts to curb prescribing

    Kadiyali Srivatsa's comment 13 August, 2014 4:38 am

    As a doctor who worked in hospitals in UK, NHS in acute and intensive care for almost thirty years I find this finding very disheartening and uncomfortable.

    My effort to warn healthcare professionals, pharmacuticals and device manufactures about the threat since 1989 has been in vain.

    (1) Criticising the use of pre-printed assessment sheet (1996) to help systemise admission to hospital, (2) Conveying my employer the danger of allowing nurses to prescribe antibiotics (2004) and (3) Publishing my criticism about nurses allowed to work as doctors to offer advice in emergency out of hours (2006) has only resulted in people in power and members of my profession with vested interest ostracising me for defending my profession.

    By giving more importance to "Patient Satisfaction" and ignoring the duty of a doctor is to "Do No Harm", NHS has encouraged antibiotic use. Protocol and guideline based care offer legal protection to nurses and incompetant doctors. By preventing doctors using their skill and experience to reduce antibiotic use, NHS has not only helped micro-organisms but also accelerated the demise od our profession. The result of this callous attitude and alienating doctors who defend their ethics is now obvious.

    Death of 80 (60%) health care staff who contracted Ebola is an early warning because social network of bacteria and virus will soon bring an end to a profession claiming to be "Noble".

  • Comment on: NHS Health Check no more effective than 'standard care'

    Kadiyali Srivatsa's comment 2 August, 2014 8:24 am

    I thank the team for organising and publishing this article because I am this study proves my criticism about FREE HELTH CAMPS or Free MOT offered for people who take health insurance.

    In India, I found this FREE HEALTH CAMPS will actually inflicting more damage to people than good. I have seen newly qualified doctors who help NGOs, politicians and charities are reassuring poor people they are healthy. I have never seen any one recall these poor people or followed up to see how their free medical checks benefit patients.

    In UK, patients are getting MOT offered by doctors in surgeries are followed-up and so the result of this study is useful.

    People who pay for Health insurance are offered free blood checks and clinical examinations and reassured they are healthy. I have personally seen patients who went through these tests presenting themselves with complications. Majority of health people do not think about consulting a doctor but the ones who know they have some symptoms that make them anxious are the ones who use these camps to reassure themselves and so delay proper clinical review by doctors.

    The result of this study must be useful for healthcare providers and I hope the politicians BAN these "FREE HEALTH CAMPS" in India and other countries to prevent doctors using this to attract patients to their clinic or hospitals. Institution, NGOs and politicians must be careful in the future because this publication helps patients and doctors like me to threaten legal action against institutions and organisations or healthcare providers to prove their “False reassurance resulted in patients taking proper medical care to prevent complications”

  • Comment on: NHS emergency care 'unsustainable', warn doctors

    Kadiyali Srivatsa's comment 19 July, 2013 5:44 pm

    Yes, they can close but do you know doctors like me who worked in intensive and critical care have already developed an alternative? This will bring in the changes we all hope to achieve. When I moved out to work as a GP in 2000, and saw what was going on in GP land, I started working on patients access. Now my creating in cyber space will make sure patients will not suffer. Only problem I am having is to find out how I can make NHS accept this as the alternative.
    Doctors, patient interaction is direct and no need for receptionist, nurses and waiting. The mest part of this is its FREE

  • Comment on: The big question: how should the NHS make efficiency savings?

    Kadiyali Srivatsa's comment 6 June, 2013 12:23 pm

    I have been warning about systemising healthcare using pre-printed assessment sheets and algorithms (protocol, guidelines) since 1996 (1). In 2003, new breed of nurses were created without understanding the consequences.

    I was employed in a pilot GMS nurse-led practice. Here I could see the problem brewing and now we can see the result. Gill PJ et all have listed few causes and has blamed failure of primary care.
    It looks as if 17.9 Billon has been spent on claims for wrong doing from the initial saving of 20 Billion. I have also read this has increased by 20% last year.
    We still do not know the amount the NHS will pay for all the cases that are waiting in court.

    The only way we can make sure the NHS survive is to use my tool (Medical Advice You Access) to help educate patients, reduce wasted consultation, DNA and paying OOH service. I think my tool will reduce the cost by 30% now and soon increase to 60%. I have meticulously collected data in since 2003 and created this simple safe method using clinical acumen and not observation charts.

    I hope my work will help sustain the service for our children.

  • Comment on: Surge in abandoned NHS 111 calls

    Kadiyali Srivatsa's comment 15 May, 2013 12:17 pm

    BBC News, today "The warnings come as fears grow over whether the NHS can continue to cope with rising demand.
    A&E attendances have risen by 50% in a decade and this winter the NHS in England started missing its four-hour waiting time target.Admission of children to hospitals has increased by 30% (Arch Dis of Child May 2013).

    I anticipated this coming and spent years perfecting a simple tool based on my 30 years experience and evidence based medicine. Doctor are scared of this tool because it will reduce their income. The method I used will drastically reduce calls and visits to hospital.

    Its FREE and takes only few seconds to register. This tool will help junior doctors, nurses, receptionists and patients.
    Article in Archive The warnings come as fears grow over whether the NHS can continue to cope with rising demand.

    To tell you frankly, I do not have any thing to gain but feel proud that I could contribute something that thousands of people will benefit

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