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karen purcell

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  • Comment on: 'Can the gathering of nurse leaders come up with solutions to the profession’s woes?'

    karen purcell's comment 20 March, 2019 8:52 am

    Staff shortages. I remember not to long ago managers would work with teams if there was a shortage/ crisis.
    NOW. With almost constant staffing issues I rarely see a manager putting themselves in numbers on ward or if they do then they still sit in their office doing their work, and work on ward is still carried out by one or more less staff' but not 'officially' when recording the safe staffing numbers.

    One thought.

    All managers work one day a week on wards in the actual numbers and doing the work needed on ward would give a little lift to ward.
    And staff may feel actually supported by managers in a very practical way.

    They would have to cram in there own work to 4 days not 5 but hey isn't that what myself and my colleagues do every week as a result of constantly working below numbers.

    Just a thought.

    Maybe Ruth May could discuss this with ' nurse leaders' .

  • Comment on: Exclusive: The nurse behind the campaign to shake up the RCN

    karen purcell's comment 11 November, 2018 1:08 am

    The RCN council brought disrepute on its self, with its inability to do their job of representing members especially in the pay arena, by
    loosing sight of that they became to full of there own importance forgetting we members are the union not just the council members.

  • Comment on: Comms on pay deal were ‘not up to standard’, admits RCN

    karen purcell's comment 6 September, 2018 7:37 am

    Change all the processes you want, it won't change the fact the union mislead it's members.
    After all the work and effort put into 'scrap the cap' campaign to then put a negotiating team forward with NO b***s to get the job done right.

    A gesture from the union like returning union fees for the last 6 months should be pushed for .

  • Comment on: Trusts urged to use bank instead of agency staff to save NHS £480m

    karen purcell's comment 2 September, 2018 10:01 pm

    2 comments to make.

    1. Staff are already tired overworked and don't get paid enough, so work extra to earn what they should be paid
    ending up even more tired .
    2 . Pay a decent salary.
    Employ more staff train more staff.
    value staff.

  • Comment on: RCN leader to send members personal apology over pay ‘dismay’

    karen purcell's comment 25 July, 2018 11:46 pm

    Lat not acceptable for m&s Davies to say she didn't know the detail until now! This has been the single most talked about issue for the registrants
    Shame on you ms Davies shows us what you think of the plight of thousands of nursing staff struggling to make ends meet.

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