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Laura Wyles

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Comments (5)

  • Comment on: 'What amazing things have you witnessed while on placement?'

    Laura Wyles's comment 30 May, 2012 8:19 pm

    JRT | 30-May-2012 6:03 pm

    "As you wish - be nursed by someone who is informed and knowledgeable or be cared for by someone who will be "Amazed" at the suddenness of your demise ! "

    Would I be correct in thinking that in your opinion I am neither informed nor knowledgable??

    To be honest, I am somewhate astounded that you should be able to make such judgements after reading a few sentences I wrote!

  • Comment on: 'What amazing things have you witnessed while on placement?'

    Laura Wyles's comment 29 May, 2012 10:56 am

    I did not feel I had to justify my actions, rather offer an explanation as to why someone might choose to use the 'anonymous' option when posting a comment :)

  • Comment on: The big question: are job shortages a serious problem for newly qualified nurses?

    Laura Wyles's comment 29 May, 2012 10:53 am

    As a Student Nurse, I am not only concerned about the job freezes, job shortages and staff not being replaced, I am also concerned by the increase in retirement age meaning fewer vacancies arising through staff retiring. Although I firmly believe that working past retirement age is perfectly fine for those that want to do it, making people work an extra 2 years before they can claim their NHS pension simply adds to the current unemployment crisis. Making someone work an extra 2 years simly keeps someone else out of a job for 2 years, where is the logic in that?!

  • Comment on: 'What amazing things have you witnessed while on placement?'

    Laura Wyles's comment 29 May, 2012 9:38 am

    Hi, I wrote the post that starts 'Whilst working as a HCA in a palliative oncology setting...' and I would like to explain why I posted it anonymously.
    I was worried that my comment would not be viewed as constructive by some people who have different views on death and mortality to me. Whilst I believe as nurses we should be accountable for our own judgements and professional rationale, on a personal level, our opinions and beliefs can often be misinterpreted. On a forum such as this, where there is a fine line between personal and professional accountability, I did not want to be misinterpreted and prompt angry, personal comments. Since the mood seems fair and I dont seem to have offended anyone (yet), I am happy to be accountable for my comment; whether you agree or disagree with my view; and any constructive discussion that may arise from it :)

  • Comment on: 'Nursing has given me a concrete purpose'

    Laura Wyles's comment 27 October, 2011 1:27 pm

    This sums up exactly how I feel about nursing, it feels good to know that there are other people as passionate about what we do as I am. When people tell me I'm only enthusiastic 'cause I'm still a student, I laugh it off, but deep down I know it's not true. I was just as passionate about my work as a Healthcare Assistant before, and I know that I will not lose that after I qualify. Nursing gives me a sense of purpose and belonging, and I know that I have never been as certain about anything in my life as I am about knowing that this is what I want to spend my life doing.