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Louise Irvine

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Comments (3)

  • Comment on: NHS funding boost could lead to 30,000 more jobs, says Hunt

    Louise Irvine's comment 2 January, 2015 12:42 pm

    Mr Hunt is playing his usual game with numbers. All he is doing is imagining all the different ways £1.7 billion could be spent. So it "could" be spent on 30,000 more jobs. But that assumes it all goes on increased staffing levels. What about all the other things we have been told that money could be spent on like "redesigning care pathways"? The same sum can't be spent multiple times. Let's see concrete plans for how this money will be spent. Reversing the NHS recruitment crisis will need proper pay for NHS staff.

  • Comment on: Government unveils new dementia care plans

    Louise Irvine's comment 31 October, 2014 9:19 pm

    Pure hypocrisy on Hunt's part. His government has cut services for people with dementia to the bone, and he has the cheek to trumpet how much he is doing for people with dementia! What is the point of early diagnosis if there is no support available when you need it?

  • Comment on: Hunt reveals £5bn investment to keep patients out of hospital

    Louise Irvine's comment 31 October, 2014 9:10 pm

    Absolutely. Its not new money therefore its wrong of Danny Alexander to say he is excited about the "new investment." Do these politicians think that talking this up in excited voices will convince people its something new? Hunt is fantasising when he talks of all the additional staff. Who are they? If its just moving around existing money then how can it mean additional staff? Maybe they will be given new job descriptions, or experienced staff will be laid off to make way for less skilled lower paid workers. Where is the money for the extra GPs, social workers, district nurses and skilled care workers that will be needed? Hunt pretends it will save money, ignoring the lack of evidence that care in the community prevents hospital admissions. And one of the reasons for delayed discharges is the age it takes to do the complex banding tests to work out who should pay what bit of a person's care - the NHS, the local authority or the patient themselves. its only when personal social care becomes free that real joined up health and social care will be possible, and this will have the added value of reducing all the bureaucracy around eligibility testing and banding.