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Lynne Gray

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  • Comment on: NHS nurses face crackdown on accepting gifts

    Lynne Gray's comment 29 September, 2016 11:55 am

    Absolutely ridiculous situation. Management need to get on with more important issues rather than looking at the amount of money that constitutes ' acceptable' as a thank you. Pens from reps would hardly influence any decision making. It's not like nursing staff are getting handed £50 per shift as a thank you from patients. We were given £60 pounds towards our Christmas night out recently, honestly it was crime of the century !! It was returned to the patient who was absolutely furious with management not allowing him to reward staff in his chosen manner. I think £100 is acceptable but have never been offered any money - obviously it would be declared, recently got a bar of soap and a half used candle - better declare this immediately

  • Comment on: Trust launches hard-hitting staff flu jab campaign

    Lynne Gray's comment 29 September, 2016 11:43 am

    As health care professionals we are not allowed to use this sort of tactic upon patients. In response to basket press, I agree we are more at risk form patients and their carers/relatives - whatever is in vogue currently. Also colleagues are afraid to remain absent due to the resultant consequences upon their return. It's a personal choice and no one should be made to feel guilty about that. As for powerful images and messages, it's scaremongering and bullying. I have had the flu jab every year, but have colleagues that despite having the flu jab have had the flu and are choosing to opt out this year and I support their decision.

  • Comment on: Placement walkout will 'show student nurses hold NHS together'

    Lynne Gray's comment 11 February, 2016 8:12 am

    Put bluntly - student nurses can walk out. They are not the glue, may be just the Blu Tack. It will make no difference.

  • Comment on: Placement walkout will 'show student nurses hold NHS together'

    Lynne Gray's comment 10 February, 2016 11:51 am

    Katherine Heywood - agree with everything you say. Students need to be committed at the very least interested. In response to anonymous - we all learn on the job and we are all responsible for our own learning, you don't seem at all happy with anything about your experience of nursing, I hate to disillusion you but it won't get any better. Stop knocking the profession before you are even part of it.

  • Comment on: Placement walkout will 'show student nurses hold NHS together'

    Lynne Gray's comment 10 February, 2016 8:49 am

    Nursing students should perhaps not have supernumerary status and be a paid member of the team, whilst working on placements. The universities are not equipping the students to become confident Registered Nurses -'bums on seats' that's their concern. I disagree that nursing is not a science but an art or a craft - it is a science hence the anatomy & physiology, pharmacology ,etc is required of nurses, however I do agree that this does not appear to be reflected in students and NQP's knowledge; universities need to address this deficit. I take it the bursaries are too costly - do they want student nurses to work for nothing ! Take out a loan to train to become a nurse ? One of the most undervalued professions - I don't think so. Start off their career with student loans; ludicrous suggestion.

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