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Marc Evans

Marc Evans



Hey my name is Marc, I am a second year Adult Nursing student studying in Bristol. I have had experience so far in Orthopaedic surgical and respiratory general. I am currently considering going into Diabetes and endocrinology post-reg and then onto become a diabetic specialist nurse in the community. I am an active member of the Royal College of Nursing and have so far attended two conferences. My nursing interests lie in Respiratory, cardiology, Diabetes and community Nursing.

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  • Comment on: Telecare - the ethical debate

    Marc Evans's comment 8 October, 2010 0:37 am

    I completely dislike the idea of "telecare". I am in my final year of study and throughout my training it has been pushed into us about communication and patient interaction being the key to excellent Nursing care. If we begin to rely on technology to allow us to interact with our patients then the Nursing profession will be ruined. I completely agree with the video, if telecare becomes more common then more and more patients will become isolated. Look at care in the community, some patients have not got family, they are own their own for the majority of the time. The only real interaction for them is when the Nurse or healthcare practioner steps through their door. These patients need a friendly face and face-to-face interaction to let them know they are not on their own. All this news about trialing video conferencing to patients homes and calling patients instead of visiting them, I think is degrading to the Nursing profession.

  • Comment on: Nurses back COPD telehealth trial

    Marc Evans's comment 6 October, 2010 6:55 pm

    I really do not like the sound of this scheme, interaction with patients is best when you are face to face. As much as I love technology this is taking the spirit of Nursing away.

  • Comment on: New uniform for HCAs

    Marc Evans's comment 22 May, 2010 9:36 pm

    What have they had previously then? I thought most HCAs across the country already had this design? both at the trust I am studying at in Bristol and my local trust in wales HCAs have been wearing green tops for ages.

  • Comment on: 'Clearing up poo will not help me learn' - student nurses reject basic care

    Marc Evans's comment 5 November, 2009 1:28 pm

    Students who refuse to perform essential care with the patients should not be allowed to register as a Nurse! simple as that! This is a very important element of Nurse training and something students must get used to!

  • Comment on: Exploring whether student nurses report poor practice they have witnessed on placements

    Marc Evans's comment 11 October, 2009 10:45 am

    Obviously it comes down to support whilst we are on placement. Although I think during the early stages of training, Student Nurses, especially those who have no prior healthcare experience will be scared to highlight poor care in practice.

    This is highlighted even more through the fact that there are cases that Registered Nurses have not been supported by their trust when reporting poor care. This is a subject that needs to be put in stone so that everyone will know that if they report poor care for the patients sake they will be supported. At the moment this is not happening.

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