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Marie Blackwell

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Comments (2)

  • Comment on: The image of nursing: The unskilled nurse

    Marie Blackwell's comment 24 September, 2010 9:57 am

    It does feel that way, when your at work as a nurse, or when your out telling people your a nurse....there's little respect....I have said to myself it doesn't long as you respect yourself...but this didn't really work for me...
    I've been nursing 13 yrs and was even a clinical nurse'd think i'd feel more respected or better with this 'specialist' title...and it was nice but didn't make any difference to anything...I got an extra pound an hour aswell for my promotion too. Also, nobody had a clue what I was, drs didn't really care, neither did anyone else...
    It is such a shame and something drastically needs to happen......viscious cycle...society has been conditioned to view certain jobs a certain way.......being a nurse can be easy in some you don't need many braincells to know how to wash someone & we can prob get away with knowing a certain amount of knowledge but then we have to know the other extreme of saving peoples lives etc...and need a wealth of knowledge. I remember the outreach nurses teaching the doctors and it was quite scary how little thedrs knew.....
    I have done the drastic...(and have enjoyed nursing to a point), but have now left completely and feel a huge relief...internet business now!! Bit different!!
    I think the public can never really see what we are doing or understand how we are "monitoring' the pts at all times...even if we are talikng to them.
    Some of the stuff we do is high tech and I hope one day this respect will change. Wither way a care assistant to a top qualified nurse...we should all be respected as equals.
    Sometimes it takes things to unfortunately hit rock bottom, when it will hit enough leverage to have to change. When SHOULDS will have to change to MUSTS.

  • Comment on: Nurse death not linked to bullying

    Marie Blackwell's comment 16 July, 2010 10:12 am

    I really think you are right (to the post above), on viewing a lot of articles on this website...which ones get the most comments and feedback? The bullying articles....i really hope the nursing times or nursing management read these comments and some action can be taken with this. This is very serious. Look how many nurses are being bullied...and if the nurses are getting bullied...what happens to the happy nurse claire states in her articles...if the nurses aren't affects the patients. i think emotional one of people is very fact a standard interview in the NHS is only going to show a nurses the social tone of a person and not there chronic tone....if all the nurses are miserable and then the patients are miserable cos they are sick...what kind of place is this to work in?? and fair enough we can't be happy all time but don't take it out on other collegues. i'm over it...glad i left...nobody should have to work in that environment....