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Maryam Omitogun

Maryam Omitogun



A registered General Nurse Midwife from abroad,UK RN1 and a UK degree holder in Nursing studies.
I have worked in various department of nursing like medical,surgical,paediatrics, obstertrics and gynaecology,antenatal,midwifery ENT,OPD and eye clinic-all these are government hospital management experience based setting from staff nurse post to Assistant chief Nursing officer.
I also have community/primary care experience and worked last at Ministry of Health. before I moved to England to continue with my Nursing job.
I have nursing home,hospital and community/primary care experience.I have four years experience in school nursing -working with families and children and willing to move up in my career on this line.
I'm willing and will still continue to use my knowledge,skills and experience to work for the development of nursing/public health profession for quality care of clients/patients.
I have completed MASTER Programme in International Public Health awaiting to receive My awar

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Comments (21)

  • Comment on: 'We need to open up new routes into the profession'

    Maryam Omitogun's comment 20 September, 2018 10:22 am

    I will like to discuss about Medication Round.Medicine round is a CLEAN procedure apart from when one want to give injection either muscular,intravenous or subcutaneous which are STERILE Procedure.

    .When carrying out a medication round the hands must be washed. The tablets need to be dispersed in way that the nurse hand must not touch it.The tablets are dispensed in a spoon or medicine cup.If this is done in a clean way it prevent the spread of infection.We must ALWAYS remember that the drugs are going to the system of the users

    Some Nurses just dispense the drugs in an unclean,careless and uncaring manner.

    Maryam Omitogun
    Nursing and Public Health Professional.

  • Comment on: 'Chance to modernise NMC was squandered'

    Maryam Omitogun's comment 1 May, 2015 10:52 am

    Professionals Tax Refund Fees Should be automatic/done by the Bodies?

    I will like to comment on the Tax Refund on Professional Fees/Subscription. Can all Nursing/Midwifery /Public health Bodies sent the names of all Professionals that are registered with bodies to the HMRC Government Office when the time due to receive the Refund. I think this should be automatic/done by the Bodies.

    Some Nurses/ Public Health Professionals are so busy that they don't remember to request for their tax return on their subscription monthly / yearly payment of fees.

    Since the bodies have the evidences of those that are regular with their renewal of registration/subscription, this should be done by the NMC/RCN and other Public Health Professional bodies thus making the tax refund to be easy for all Nursing/Midwives professionals.

    Many Professionals have forfeited many years of Tax Refund.Names should be collected in batch by the bodies and send to the TAX OFFICE for refund.

    Maryam Dolapo Omitogun (Nursing/Public Health Professional)

  • Comment on: 'A year of pay restraint and public support'

    Maryam Omitogun's comment 24 December, 2014 11:08 am

    Yearly Increase in Payment of Nurses Should be Automatic. Either it is 1% Increase or more, this should not be something we should be discussing or reminding the Government to do.

    Nurses are paid for the hard work they do and therefore they should not be denied of Increase in their wages.If Nurses are been well recognised for their work and pay good salary as it's applied to other Health/Medical Professionals,more people will join the professions. Shortage of Nurses will be minimal and there will more Nurses to care for the sick.

    Every Countries need their Nurses to take care of the sick.There will less recruiting from other Countries migrating to work because they are looking for good payment.All nurses will be properly trained in their countries, learn the culture and give a very Quality/ Excellent treatment to the service users.

    Global Yearly Increment in Wages should applied to all Nurses and other health care professionals. Equity and Equality in Nurses payment is a Global Issue. This should be corrected so as to have more people having interest in Nursing Job and take care of the sick.

    Maryam Dolapo Omitogun
    Nursing/Public Health Professional

  • Comment on: 'Help nurses make sure they have enough staff '

    Maryam Omitogun's comment 15 October, 2014 10:54 am

    Nurses can have enough staffs if Nurses respect the profession. I am wondering when Nursing Department are looking for staffs and will be asking the qualified candidates to do calculation and literacy test.The candidates must pass the test before he/she can move to the next stage of the interview.

    Can I asked why this is been used to determine a qualified professional getting a job? I believe the qualified professional completed the form with English language by him/herself and has passed through primary, Secondary and even higher Institution (University or Advanced level). More over this test does not have anything to do with the Job Description for the job.This is one of the reasons why Nursing Department don't have enough staffs.

    This type of Tests applied to other profession as well-Asking job seekers to do tests that does not have anything to do with the job description is a mere wasting of time. This rubbish procedure will continue to let Nursing and other professionals have shortage of staffs and will continue to let the organisations miss competent and Qualified correct staffs to get job.

    Getting correct/enough staffs is very simple if some form of procedure that is been used to deny qualified people of getting suitable jobs are corrected.

    Maryam Dolapo Omitogun
    Nursing/Public Health Professional
    Greater London.

  • Comment on: Comment: 'Giving students experience of general practice is now urgent'

    Maryam Omitogun's comment 20 May, 2014 9:19 am

    General Practice Nursing Training is the best when we are talking of been a Registered General Nurse or been called a NURSE.

    I believe before an Individual is called a Nurse, He or She would have undergone a short period of theory/practical training in all aspects of Nursing such as Adult, Paediatrics, Neonate, I CU, Mental, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Theatre, ENT, Surgery Medicine, Accident and Emergency Nursing etc. I was trained like I mentioned above.

    As Student Nurses We rotates in all departments every four to six weeks to have practical experiences. The rest were used for classroom lectures. Within the three years that we spent for the Nursing training separate six months experiences was for O&G and Psychiatry classroom/hospital Experiences.

    As a trained General Nurse one will have confidence and will be able to practice in any area and would have got experiences in working with adults, neonate and children. It is very obvious that one cannot have interest in all the areas but one can easily choose any area individual have more interest and confident in working.

    I believe for someone to call him/herself a Nurse, he/she should have got experiences/skills/knowledge in all department in Public Health and should be able to practice confidently with all cadres of people be it children ,adults or neonate.

    If this is not been practised worldwide, I think it’s the high time this is reintroduced or restart afresh.

    Maryam Dolapo Omitogun
    Greater London.

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