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Comments (17)

  • Comment on: MPs to debate freeze on nurse pay rises today

    Meatbag's comment 30 January, 2017 9:37 pm

    Sadly, the Government think that Nurses are already paid too much and have done for some time now. Expect to have more taken away (unsocial enhancements) rather than anything given above an already begrudged 1% annual uplift.
    We can be unhappy about this all we like, but I feel the opportunity for action passed some time ago, when our pensions were savaged. Now we can look forward to overpaid malcontened RNs being slowly supplemented and eventually replaced (largely) by, frankly, grateful Band 4s.

  • Comment on: Nurse apprenticeships to begin in September 2017

    Meatbag's comment 28 January, 2017 0:45 am

    Anyone who thinks that university education is just about essay writing doesn't fully grasp university education. On essay writing, the point is that the student is able to demonstrate critical thinking, create a balanced, informed argument and to demonstrate their knowledge on a particular subject matter. On a level down from this, essays PBL, presentations, dissertations and other assessments also demonstrate project and time management skills. And lastly they help the student to develop their writing style, fluency, spelling and grammar, which is important when writing in MDT notes for not looking like an ill educated oaf compared to our allied professions.
    Why do they need university to demonstrate these skills? Because when these students go on placement, they are treated like shit by staff with a chip on their shoulder and no inclination to teach (I have seen it many many times in practice and it disgusts me). And God help students who show independent thought and challenge received wisdom and practice.
    Against this backdrop, I would not wish students to be spending more than 50% of time on placements. The time spent at Uni also allows students to share practice experiences, discuss issues that arise (in a supportive open environment) and digest what they have learnt. They can't do this on placement.

    Having said this, I'm not sure why I've bothered to comment. The truth is that Nurses love treating each other like c%¢

  • Comment on: University announces new nursing course scholarship

    Meatbag's comment 3 January, 2017 9:15 pm

    Being immortal, I trained as a Nurse some 2000 years ago under the beneficent tutelage of Jesus Christ. All who trained after me are unworthy and I wouldn't let any of them near a needy pair of unwashed feet.

    As THE originally trained Nurse (and proud of it), why don't I make it my primary concern to train modern Nurses to my demigod like status? Good question; perhaps I'll consider it once I get over myself and / or get bored of making sweeping statements.

  • Comment on: 'Why Cameron has handed Lansley's NHS vision to Hunt'

    Meatbag's comment 4 September, 2012 10:15 pm

    Hunt has absolutely no integrity. Make no mistake, he lied to Parliament and has happliy let a peon under his employ take a fall for him; he should have resigned and spared us what I suspect will be an ill fated dabble with our health service. Oh to be a friend of David Cameron!

    On a more personal note, he is a smug looking fool, with a face that just begs to be slapped.

  • Comment on: GP groups must prove they have nursing role

    Meatbag's comment 7 April, 2012 12:21 pm

    redpaddys12 | 4-Apr-2012 10:32 pm

    Someone has to make the tea


    hand out the biscuits; light cigars; have their bum tapped playfully; sweep the floors; etc.

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