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Michael Bond

Michael Bond

HSCIC, Leeds


Registered Nurse since 1995, independent prescribing since 2005, I am an experienced Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Minor Illness/Urgent Care setting.
Having a broad experience in NHS service and Informatics, I have combined IT and clinical knowledge to work as standards consultant for DH and then information architect in Health and Social Care Information Centre, Leeds.

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Comments (5)

  • Comment on: E-system to 'revolutionise' way nurses record patient obs

    Michael Bond's comment 26 May, 2015 4:22 pm

    No. An neither will the sky fall on our heads. This is an EARLY warning system and this approach has been demonstrated to save lives in an acute environment. (Evidence from integrated early warning for sepsis implemented in Spain.)
    This system will assist nurses to manage effectively, not miss clues, but does not detract from the necessary skills we emply every day.
    It might even free up time for direct patient care, you never know.

  • Comment on: Campaign calls for nurses to be more involved in NHS purchasing

    Michael Bond's comment 24 March, 2015 3:54 pm

    This should be linked to nurses being involved with use of information (collection and use of it). Nurses capture most information as well as using most items daily in the health service.
    "Untapped" is right. We should use the knowledge we have and collect every day.

  • Comment on: Nurses asked for views on legal duty to report female genital mutilation

    Michael Bond's comment 10 December, 2014 3:14 pm

    Already established:
    FGM is illegal.
    FGM is child abuse or adult abuse.
    Nurses are duty-bound to report this finding, at risk of professional misconduct through negligence.

    Q: If NMC already have the task of enforcing this, will this legislation alter process or does it merely point the finger at an existing failure?

    Q: Should we be addressing the wider issue of underreporting abuse that clearly exists within our care systems? (Rotherham is only one example.)

    I think we should address the effectiveness of nursing registration, governance and education on identifying and reporting abuse as a whole, not just the unacceptable FGM situation.

    Lots to do, but legislation is not helpful.
    [This is my opinion and does not represent the views of my employing organisation]

  • Comment on: CNO calls on all nurses to broach lifestyle change with patients

    Michael Bond's comment 1 September, 2014 9:42 am

    I did just that for a decade, but my service was axed in favour of a private company.

    How should the NHS encourage understanding (and ownership) of health issues? Unfortunately there is no simple answer.

    In U.S.A. you find a larger proportion of informed patients, but I do not advocate a policy of individual paid healthcare, as I have also seen first hand the greater health divide that it produces.

    Perhaps we should look more closely at our Scandinavian neighbours?

  • Comment on: NMC's striking off ban unlikely to be overturned till 2015

    Michael Bond's comment 8 October, 2013 12:30 pm

    And I'm paying my (increased) registration fee for this? Surely, this is a core functional requirement of the NMC in order to protect the public?
    I think I'm too angry to comment constructively on this.