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University announces new nursing course scholarship


A new scholarship for potential students has been announced by a university in the East Midlands, sparked by the axing of bursaries.

A scholarship of up to £3,000 has been unveiled for students applying to study Nursing with Registration BSc (Hons) at De Montfort University Leicester.

The new scholarship is on offer for students hoping to study Nursing with Registration (mental health nursing) or Nursing with Registration (Learning disability nursing) in 2017-18 or 2018-19.

The new initiative has been put together by the university following the government’s decision to remove the NHS bursary scheme and replace it with student loans from August 2017 onwards.

The scholarship will offer eligible students up to £3,000 to cover costs throughout the duration of the course.

It aims to reduce the financial burden caused by the government’s removal of the bursary programme and its replacement with a loans system, said the university.


Readers' comments (8)

  • I an delighted to see that universities are taking up the challenge of finding new ways of funding nursing education - although I wish it was the profession (AKA RCN) that was taking the lead. We need to move away from the current "one size fits all" and offer students choices to suit the different needs of different kinds of students. For example the police have recently announced their plans for achieving all graduate entry. Students will have the choice of three routes in:
    a specific degree in policing funded in the same way as all other degrees (ie loans and scholarships);
    an apprenticeship scheme leading to a degree in policing while working part time funded by the police force;
    a fast-track post graduate course for graduates of other disciplines.

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  • If folk have the ability to train as proper nurses then that is what we should do.
    If we create too many levels of nursing it will cause confusion on the wards and staff will be selective re what they are willing to do. I have heard so many qualified nurses refusing to do basic nursing tasks because they have a degree.

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  • Degree level nursing is the only way forward... in line with all other healthcare professionals. It should however be accessible to all with pre university courses (access courses) and fair funding/ bursary. Although I am ready to welcome all new colleagues, I feel the current system of RNs and support workers is as it should stay.

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  • Dont talk rubbish, most Student Nurses that i have had the misfortune of coming across during the working day i wouldnt let anywhere near a fellow human being largely because they are completely clueless. Traditionally qualified and proud of it!!!!

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  • I think it is unfair to say that student nurses are clueless, that traditionally qualified is better or anything along these lines, nurses are nurses wether qualified "in the good old days" or qualified in a university setting. Students come in all shapes and sizes from varying backgrounds and age groups, some having previous experience and some having none being all of 18. At the end of the day a student is there to learn and it seems that some "traditionally qualified nurses" may make this difficult for the student. Those poor student may have had their whole placement experience ruined by the attitude you have given them. Everyone has to learn, every nurse and student nurse has chosen this career and having various routes in is a good thing. There are lots of HCA's that are financially unable to leave work to go to University full time, does this mean that by joining the apprenticeship they are lesser nurses as it will take longer? Do those attending university think they are better than others? I for one do not, I am starting my 3rd year this month and proud to be attending university. I have had some amazing mentors both degree and diploma qualified and I have so far not come across an arrogant old school nurse like yourself before, shame on you!

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    Just out of interest from a student point of view (you probably won't read it)

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  • Being immortal, I trained as a Nurse some 2000 years ago under the beneficent tutelage of Jesus Christ. All who trained after me are unworthy and I wouldn't let any of them near a needy pair of unwashed feet.

    As THE originally trained Nurse (and proud of it), why don't I make it my primary concern to train modern Nurses to my demigod like status? Good question; perhaps I'll consider it once I get over myself and / or get bored of making sweeping statements.

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  • I rather like Anonymous (I am traditionally qualified) some of their comments and can readily identify with some of them i certainly wouldnt go along with sweeping comments like putting them all in the same basket. Here in the West Midlands on our local hospitals MAU where i work we had two third year students who were both completely clueless and also bone idle. Takes all sorts i suppose. It is funny though that if you have the temerity to challenge the percived orthodoxy you are immediately shouted down, in my day Student Nurses were seen and not heard.

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