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BNP challenges call to ban members from nursing


Supporters of the BNP have rejected fresh calls last week for members of the organisation to be banned from joining the nursing register – in the same way that police officers are already.

A motion, which was passed by delegates at the UNISON Health Care Service Group conference in Harrogate on Monday, argued that there is no place for members of the BNP in nursing.

However, Nursing Times has received a large number of responses from nurses and former nurses to the motion, claiming it was at odds with free speech.

Jean Purdy, BNP candidate for the North West Region, said: ‘I am a retired nursing sister with over 40 years experience in the NHS and was appalled at the motion passed by UNISON to ban members of the BNP from the nursing profession.

‘I have nursed MPs and councillors of all political parties, many of whose beliefs I would not support,’ she said.

‘There is much that is wrong with the NHS at the moment and nurses, whatever their political views, would be far better concerning themselves with the problems of hospitals whose death rates far exceed the norm,’ she added.

Another email received by Nursing Times said: ‘As a former nurse in East London I read with sadness of the decision to ban the BNP. I am not a member of any political party – I believe in freedom of expression in a democracy.

‘Is open political dialogue dead if you are in the nursing professions?’ the email said.


Readers' comments (24)

  • Thank you for this article. My mother worked as nurse in England, and continued in Canada after emigrating. As with any other profession, you check your politics at the door.

    I find it frightening and sinister that a far-left union can try to ban people from their profession because of their political associations.

    The British National Party is not in any way, shape or form 'racist' and this terrible smear is indicative of the , extremist, far-left, totalitarian ideology behind Unison and its Labour connections.

    The British National Party is a legal, registered, political party. It does not tolerate racism or hate in any form, and seeks to protect the history, culture, human rights, and future of the indigenous people of the British Isles.

    What Unison proposes is flagrantly anti-democratic, totalitarian, an attack on freedom of association, and contrary to every value that defines British culture.

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  • npeters, good to know that BNP media officers have nothing better to do that trawl through Nursing Times stories.

    'The BNP is not in any way, shape or form racist'

    Are you completely sure about that?

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  • Mr Al, 'BMP media officers have nothing better to do than trawl through Nursing Times stories'.

    You are probably unaware that all political parties do the same for all media, it's called political nounce.

    However you do alude that the BNP is 'racist' - Have you ever been to a BNP meeting? You don't have to be a member, but what you will find is a group of people who are reverently British.

    Why not try for the next one in your area, you should be able to find it through , though you may already have been indoctrinated that everything BNP is 'BAD', but that would not be held against you.

    The reason for all of the retoric against the BNP is the forthcoming euro elections, all of the major parties are terrified of the BNP gaining seats, as admitted by Harriet Harman on 10 Apr 09 - "(the BNP) are a bigger threat than they have been before."

    And after Labours' pathetic budget today...

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  • ‘Nounce’, Ms Knipe?

    Putting aside the irony of a BNP supporter demonstrating such a poor grasp of the English language, what you call ‘indoctrination’ is normally referred to as opinion, in this case based on freely-available facts.

    The BNP are the easiest targets in British politics because society has simply moved on from the Neanderthal opinions it espouses. And while I don’t like to kick people when they're down, I’ll make an exception here.

    There is a documentary featuring your former youth leader Mark Collett openly praising Adolf Hitler (Young, Nazi and Proud, Channel 4, 2002).

    And BNP leader Nick Griffin has said, on record, that accepted opinion on the holocaust is ‘a mixture of Allied wartime propaganda, extremely profitable lies, and latter witch-hysteria’ (

    History is one thing; that the BNP attempts to apply this same ignorance to modern politics tells its own story.

    Clearly we are both preaching to the converted here, but the people who agree with me far, far outnumber the people who agree with you.

    The BNP’s ideology has no place in the Britain I know and love. Please continue your desperate PR operation and we’ll all continue to laugh at you.

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  • Mr Al

    As you have decended to name calling, best this page be closed, how sad you are...

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  • Sorry to have caused offence. I didn't mean it as a personal insult. I genuinely feel that 'Neanderthal' is an accurate adjective for BNP ideology.

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  • Looks like Fiona won the moral high ground on that one mr al.

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    There is little doubt that the BNP are a racist party and I would question how any member of a profession that builds its foundations on caring and compassion can allow openly racist nurses to practice.

    Police and prison officers are not allowed to be BNP members, nursing should follow suit.

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  • Stuart
    As a BNP member I respect your right to your opinion, something that this present government doesn't understand.
    However, a party is not racist, only some (and I emphasise SOME) of its members are.
    May I ask a question? If you are a Labour voter, do you agree with everything in todays' budget? Because I don't agree with everything SOME people in the BNP say, but the only way I can change it is from the inside, not by a bland "...there is little doubt that the BNP are a racist party..."

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  • Halleluiah!!!! Sanity has returned to the nursing times comments section - I was the only one on the last article to speak against the BNP and the other comments who supported it! How ironic that Nick Griffin is practically a holocaust denier - and the first comment on the previous article compared kicking out BNP nurses to jewish nurses getting removed in 1930's Germany! Freedom of speech is great for making the BNP look stupid. THANK YOU MR AL YOU HAVE MADE MY DAY!!!!

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