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Nurses face cap on state pension contributions


Chancellor Alistair Darling has announced that nurses and other public sector staff will have state contributions to their pensions capped in order to save the government £1bn a year.

In his pre-Budget report, Mr Darling said NHS and other public sector staff would have to make a greater contribution themselves to their pensions, especially those in the highest pay bands.

He said: “By 2012 contributions by the state to public service pensions for teachers, local government, NHS and the civil service will be capped. 

“Public sector workers will make a greater contribution to the increasing value of pensions, with those earning over £100,000 paying more.”

Mr Darling said the move was one of “difficult but essential choices” needed to help the country recover from recession and protect frontline public services.

A spokesperson on pensions for the Unison said the union would be asking the Treasury for more detail on the announcement in order to find out what the cap would mean for different bands of nurse.

In a statement Unison general secretary Dave Prentis called the proposed introduction of the cap a “betrayal”.

He said: “It is just not on to make nurses, social workers, dinner ladies, cleaners and hospital porters pay the price for the folly of the bankers.

“Capping pension contributions will reduce the already small public sector pensions even further,” he said.


Readers' comments (14)

  • This is incredible, we do not get paid over time, i never get time owing. yet they are going to cut our pay rise down and pension.
    what would they do if they had to pay us for the full time we work. i think we should have a clocking in and out system see how they like that. they know nurses wont strike as we are there for the patients. how deflating!

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  • Thats why they continue to take from us, nurses historically take everything that comes their way with a squeak of protest. At what point will it change???

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  • the thought of a decent pension is what has kept so many of us woorking for the NHS - to compensate for pay and conditions over 40 years

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  • Whilst I appreciate the financial mess created by this government requires us all too tighten our belt I need to ask if the MP's and banking sector will be subjected to similar finacial constraints?

    Too right from 'anonymous' who suggested we all start clocking in and out, if every nurse simply worked NO unpaid overtime for week it would bring the NHS to its knees.

    Anyone else think we should demand to start clocking in and out in order to establish a true reflection of the actual hours regularly worked by many nurses throughout the NHS?

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  • when we signed up for our pension schemes we made an aggreement to make our contributions to this, we are not able to negotiate or change our contribution however the government can change this contract when ever it suits them. I love my job but I am tired after 27 years of the deteriorating lack of respect from the gevernment. If this is to be a degree profession then the pay terms need to reflect this.

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  • The bankers who have caused this whole problem who are using us as taxpayers to bail them out Who still expect there huge bonus's even if they have to pay tax on it should be totally ashamed of themselves The Government who has now decided that the public sector workers should also have their pensions capped should not be in office. The problem is the other parties are as bad it seems as usual the Rich still become Richer and now they are using nurses to do it There will be protests in all sectors but nurses have to stand together to achieve the best results

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  • Surprise, surprise what a shock!!! NOT!! after 27 years service to the NHS and potenitaly another 12 before I can retire why are we as a profession being penalised for government mistakes, because unlike other public srevice sectors we are easy targets, we should take industrial action again just as we did in the 80's or we will continually be the under dogs, even more so for future degree collegues would other professions that require a degree put up with this? If I was to start over and was expected to train to degree level I would not even consider nursing as my profession, my son is starting his training next year I will now definatly encourage a different path for him now.

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  • I joined the NHS - did 3 yrs long hard university training with nothing but contempt from the government. This is not the way to reward dedicated public sector workers. Moving to the private sector is a much better prospect.

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  • Capping our pensions would be a bit easier to accept if bankers and management were also suffering our fate, instead they talk about six figure bonuses for disasterous failures. Not only is it thoroughly insulting, but how can we consider our politics truly democratic and talk about solidarity.

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  • It is ironic majority of nurses are in the profession because they care about their patients and the NHS. Why are not the bankers/banks being treated like this no they make a mistake the Goverment bail them out a nurse makes a mistake you all know the answer. So the bankers can recieve their fat bonuses and very very generious pensions who says life is fair.

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