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'Sex in pharmacy' and cover-up claims made by former nursing director


A former director of nursing has accused bosses at Milton Keynes Hospital of covering up scandals including staff having sex in the pharmacy and bodies being left on the morgue floor.

The allegations have been made by Maggie Southcote-Want, who is taking her former employer to a tribunal claiming unfair dismissal after being sacked in 2007.

Ms Southcote-Want claims she was forced to cover up several incidents between 2005 and 2007, including:

  • Two employees being caught having sex in the pharmacy during working hours
  • Bodies being dumped on the morgue floor
  • A dead body being photographed and uploaded to the internet
  • Breast cancer biopsies being wrongly analysed
  • A leading consultant being suspended for surgical error

A Milton Keynes Hospital spokesman said: “We are confident that any untoward incidents were properly investigated.”


Readers' comments (13)

  • i agree with above Milton Keynes do need to be investigated i have had nursing and personal experience with this hospital and its the aptsolute pits and they all cover up nursing, medical staff , i only hope in the future what goes around lands squarely back in there laps, and they get treated as i and my family were

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  • Linda, perhaps English is not Jacqueline's first language and she is therefore not as apt at written English as yourself. Perhaps you should not be so quick to judge?

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  • Were the employees caught having sex on their breaks...if so no one happens regularly in hospitals.

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  • I dont know anything about MK Hospital but its unnecessary to slag another professional because of spelling or grammar. when posting comments most people do not recheck their comments for these little things. if Linda is as smart then i think she gets the point Jacqueline is trying to put across. IT skills are not a prerequisite of this profession & as a result typing is a new field for some of us. i agree with anonymous above.
    P/S after reading your letter Linda, your spelling isnt that good either!

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  • Actually I disagree with some of the above comments, spelling and grammar is a basic requisite for most professions, with the exception of an odd typo, some of the comments are actually pretty appalling for supposedly educated professionals. If the basics cannot be upheld, I would seriously call into account their ability to work in this field.

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  • I posted the 1.07pm comment & I totally agree with anonymous [11.53pm] fully. even in the workplaces some nurses cant write a simple line or spelling. maybe its the educational system thats at fault. I qualified only about 3yrs ago but then universities will never fail students because of the above so isnt it a bit late now to be passing this judgement or 'call into account their ability to work in this field'? i think if we were strict enough so many people wouldnt make it as nurses due to these little things, but i am not passing judgement as to who should be considered fit enough to pass/practise. however the point i was trying to make was with regard to spelling, its only because some people just cant type even if they can spell... let alone locate certain letters on pc keyboard. so yes spelling & grammar prerequisite, ...IT skills, maybe not. [Tee]

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  • Anonymous | 27-May-2010 11:01 am, I am the same anonymous above you. I do see your point about IT skills and their can be some allowances made for older Nurses who may not be able to defrag a hard drive or something (we are not IT specialists after all) but everyone should be able to type, even if they have to take their time; the letters on the keys are pretty clear after all. Basics are basics.

    However, I believe that Nursing is now a profession that is very highly educated and highly skilled. It is not enough any more to simply have a caring nature. Whilst this is still a prerequisite, a certain level of education is needed for this career now and I believe that the basics of good grammar and spelling is the cornerstone of being able to handle the academic side of this career.

    So therefore, I would say that if some Nurses do struggle with this level of education, then perhaps they would be better off in a career that does not require it. That is all I am saying. If for example they struggle with basics, then more advanced practice will be much more difficult and potentially risky as a result.

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  • But we are getting slightly off topic. Part of me is thinking why now? If she was so bothered by all of these things, why did she not come forward at the time? Sometimes I believe some things are pretty black and white, Moral standards are one of them. If you see something is wrong, you speak out, or you don't. What you don't do is wait until you are 'wronged' in some way and then use it to hit back, which is what I believe this person is trying to do.

    As for being 'forced' to cover up incidents? I don't know, sounds a bit fishy to me.

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  • I work at MK hospital, and I know that my team work very hard. Patient care is our priority. I am very offended that people are critising my hospital. It does have its faults, like many others. But it is by no means the worse. My husband has been treated here, and I have had children here too. Both of which have been superb!
    Im sure some of you do not work as hard as myself and my team.

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  • I agree with Deborah, some people just cannot help slaging each other off, we are are supposed to be professionals so please act like one. As for 'spellllinng' well who is perfect ???.

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