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Exclusive: How Nursing Times readers plan to vote in the 2017 election


Labour looks set to win the lion’s share of the nursing vote in the snap general election on 8 June, with nearly half planning to vote for the party, a survey by Nursing Times indicates.

Our online survey of 1,500 nurses found 49% of respondents said they planned to vote Labour, followed by 16% who planned to vote Conservative and 8% for the Liberal Democrats.

However, around 18% said they were yet to make up their mind which party they would be putting their cross next to on ballot day, though 3% said they did not plan to vote at all.

The remaining 6% were split between the Green Party, UK Independence Party and the two pro-independence parties in Wales and Scotland – the Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru.

But how nurses plan to vote does not necessarily tally with which party’s policies they think were most friendly to health and social care, suggesting issues like Brexit are more important for some.

Around 60% thought Labour’s policies would benefit the health and social care sector the most, compared with 11% for the Conservatives and 5% for the Lib Dems – though 16% were undecided.

Those planning to vote Conservative or Lib Dem tended to be older – aged either 46-55 or over 55 – while would-be Labour voters were spread more evenly across the age ranges.

When looked at by sector, Labour were most popular with mental health nurses. The Conservatives appeared to be most popular with nurses working in primary care and in nursing or care homes, and the Lib Dems scored best with those in community services.

Overall, the survey suggests a slight swing towards the main three parties among nurses compared to the last election in 2015, when higher percentages of respondents said they would vote for smaller parties – especially the Greens and UKIP.

When we carried out the same survey in 2015, 47% said they would vote Labour, 10% for the Conservatives, 8% for the Greens, 6% for UKIP and 5% for the Lib Dems.

Thanks to all Nursing Times readers that took part in our survey between 25 April and 5 May.

General election 2017

Exclusive: How Nursing Times readers plan to vote

Source: Keval Joshi

Exclusive: How Nursing Times readers planned to vote in 2017 and 2015





Now that the manifestos are out and the election is just around the corner, is our poll still accurate? Who are you planning on voting for in the 2017 UK general election?

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Readers' comments (13)

  • Doesn't make any difference who you vote for because they are all a bunch of lying, self serving scumbags who will do anything and say anything in order to get elected. As the late Tony Benn MP once said, the only person to go into parliament with good intentions was Guy Fawkes.

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  • Ellen Watters

    I don't understand how any nurse would consider voting conservative after the complete shambles that currently ensues. The NHS is deliberately being undermined and underfunded - soon it will just be those and such as those who can afford health care - so sad..

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  • I dont think Nursing Times should be involved in politics!
    Labour promise more money for the poorest here and for NHS, - good but where from? Higher taxes,from NHS staff as well as everyone else. or, as they said this, week from business men. Any less money for the top folk in business, will mean higher prices for goods and exports, thus less will be sold. We all know that the influx of refugees and illegals is the biggest burden on NHS, along will staff shortages. Staff are worn out, having to stay off sick, thus more burden on their work-mates. The answer for the NHS is to cut wastage and reduce managers. NHS is top-heavy with inefficient managers.
    A strong leadership and good opposition will bring a better economy and will mean the government will be able to support NHS better.

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  • The NHS is not a shambles. On the contrary, the Conservatives have been surreptitiously and deliberately undermining it for years. They have always regarded the amount of money from the Gross National Product spent on the NHS to be excessive and they have always been individually greedy and grasping for lower taxes with little care for others or society as a whole. Their policies at first glance may appear attractive but check the outcomes and probable outcomes.

    To Sally..
    NO! We do not all know that refugees and illegals are the biggest burden on the NHS. The biggest problem with the NHS is unregulated, unchecked Senior Managers in my opinion. Some of them are being paid very significant money for wasting loads of money and causing severe staff retention problems. Some of them could not organise their way out of a wet paper bag!

    And where do you get this notion that less money for the top folk in business means higher prices for goods and exports? Substantiate, please.You seem easy to indoctrinate with shallow ideas.

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  • SNP will always get my vote, they get the fact that the Distribution of wealth needs to be rebalanced or we are all going to suffer long term..... watch a mhari black speech to see what they are about....she should be running the country

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  • Don't know who to vote for as no one is saying what I believe to be the right answer.
    NHS needs a larger proportion of GNP and we all need to pay higher taxes to help fund growing problem in health and social care. It's only going to get worse.
    Need less managers ticking boxes and more experienced staff in the floor where it counts. I am newly qualified and often looking after ten patients with other junior staff and only one senior staff member. We are muddling through and doing a grand job, but I am worried stiff about making an error.
    What's going to happen over next five years who knows but someone needs to start doing something substantial and focused now whilst they still can!

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  • Choice of 2 evils Tories vs Labour
    Labour is the lesser evil so vote them in. Voting Tory will ruin this country. Voting Labour will get rid of that idiot Jeremy Hunt and that's the best way forward.

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  • I am a specialist nurse and will as always vote Conservative!

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  • only one of 20 nurses who didn't vote for Thatcher and look what she did to us. Didn't vote for Blair either- what he did wasn't much better. Usually throw my vote to the LD's but I think that would be a huge mistake this time- technically a vote against Labour. If the conservatives win t won't be on me. While we all squabble among ourselves- the real people who we should be worried about- the patients are being failed from all sides.
    I left NHS work due to the lack of desire by many to be the nurse I trained to be, chasing more and more junior doctor work because we could do it better- soon to add prescribing which scares the life out of me after traipsing around with RNs whose knowledge of BASIC pharmacology was at the level of my first ward back in the 70's. The next government has to find a way to make sure these coming up to retirement are kept and not lost. The Conservatives are most certainly unable to do this

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  • I will vote labour because Corbyn looks like the real deal! An outlier in politics who inspite of all turbulent times even within his party refused to back down. I hope he'll prove me right and not follow in similar footstep of his predecessor who would stop at nothing just to get elected and quickly forget the empty promises that got them elected.

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