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Nurses respond to the white paper


Reactions to the white paper

‘Andrew Lansley says primary care teams should be working together, and that includes nurses, midwives and others as well as doctors’

Katherine Fenton, chief nurse, NHS South Central

‘There will be some difficult discussions with patients about their care and what is affordable, which has the potential to change the relationship patients have with nurses and doctors’

Peter Carter, general secretary, RCN

‘There is a lot of money that needs to be saved and this cannot be done solely by GPs’

Theresa Kearney, who runs a nurse led GP practice in Essex


Readers' comments (8)

  • Katherine Fenton has this exactly right.

    This white paper has a lot of promise in it, and if used correctly can lead to a lot of good things.

    However there are some glaring errors that need sorting out too, not least of which is the fact that GP's are seen as the lords and saviours of the NHS!!!

    The responsibility for the budget should have been split between primary and secondary care, with a Doctors representative and a Nursing representative given equal portions.

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  • When i hear frontline i think of the place you go to first as in emergencies...does anyone else?
    protect the places that prevent immediate death and within my own branch gets acutley mentally ill people into hospital...but services that aren't vital will be the bids that will be put out to tender and valued amongst the statistics, and your a+e, icu, acute mental health wards, pcius will be where the savings are made while johnny come likely will only have a 20 minute wait to have the awfully painfull wart removed as BUPA will do it for the NHS at ten times the cost where some poor prat will be coun ting the staff in their department when someones had a cardiac arrest to see if theres enough staff to resusisitate....and the old ladies needing the toilet, whose taking her? noone becuase they are messing about on a cosmetic surgey clinic.....frontline should mean frontline, but with the tories it wont, they will just give their rich friends all the money for doing the things that people take for granted and see as a right to have done...actually i think i'l have a hairtransplant under this new system...i quite like the idea of being blonde1

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  • One way to save money on products is to stop sponsored company nurse posts as they are good for the employer but not good for whoever pays for the cost of the products at the end of the line(usually high cost products which some nurses will argue give patients choice)um.
    Some specialist nurses are swayed by being taken on study days, one company recently took some specialist nurses abroad to Paris! And some have just returned from Canada...I hope they used up their own annual leave to attend during work time..but of course they will claim its clinical supervision time(oh thats in Spain).

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  • So the very G.P.'s some of who pay lip service to the mentally ill and continue to hand out Diazepam and sleeping tablets like smarties are going to decide how the mental health service I work for is run,my cup runneth over

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  • Anonymous 4.40 it was actually labour that started simple ops procedures been done at BUPA and other private hospitals, although i do agree with what you say.

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  • The very same gps who will hand out prescriptions for antibiotics for everything as it is easier than telling patients that they dont need them.
    it would be nice if gps actually wanted to work WITH us. The majority where I am treat us like subordinates who are there merely to serve them. Giving them more power will only fuel their god complexes!

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  • "There is a lot of money that needs to be saved and this cannot be done solely by GPs’" Theresa Kearney, who runs a nurse led GP practice in Essex

    Theresa, you are obviously lucky in working with GPs who see you as an equal, but although it is important for nurses to save money alongside GPs, nurses who are not respected by GPs need support in getting a say in the changes. Many of the nursing work force is demoralised because it has no voice in the GP world. My employer just excludes me from practice meetings because he does not want to hear the nursing view. We need area inclusion out of the control of individual GPs as health professionals in our own right. At present, the only nurses who can be involved are those where they have GP support to do so.

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  • This will take 3 years to implement. Not enough time to be a political disaster for the con/dem at the next election.

    By 2020 it will be an absolute disaster! Fragmented services...falling standards of health..longer waiting lists...and countless examples of financial mismanagement and corruption.

    The govt will be voted out. The new govt will have massive pressure placed upon it to 're-organise'.....and the whole stupid, farcical thing will happen again.

    Politicians are the NHS's greatest enemy. They neither want the NHS and have no idea how to correctly fund it and manage it.

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