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Full survey results: how will the Francis report affect nursing

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Nursing Times revealed on Sunday the key findings from a survey of nearly 600 nurses on issues relating to the Francis report and the Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust public inquiry. We have now published the full results


1. Do you think the nursing profession is facing unfair criticism over care standards at the moment, as a result of the past failings at Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust? %
Don’t know8.3


2. How do you think the Francis report into Mid Staffs will affect nursing?%
It will have a lasting positive effect on nursing, leading to better staffing and regulation6.8
It will have a lasting negative effect on nursing, leading to more media criticism and poor public perception 24.7
It will have a negative effect initially, generating more criticism, but will lead to positive changes in the long run, leading to better staffing and regulation 48.5
It will have no lasting impact on nursing 9.2
Don’t know 10.8


3. On average how many patients per registered nurse are there on your ward/unit? (acute sector only)%
10 or more patients per RN43.9
Nine patients per nurse15.9
Eight patients per nurse25.2
Seven patients per nurse5.6
Six patients per nurse4.7
Five or fewer patients per nurse4.7


4. How would you describe the level of staffing on your ward/unit?%
Always dangerously understaffed10.7
Sometimes dangerously understaffed46.1
Short staffed, but safe27.4
Appropriately staffed14.5
Don’t know0.3


5. What is the average skill mix between RNs and HCAs on your ward/unit? (acute sector only)%
More than 70% RNs6.4
70% RNs: 30% HCAs9.2
65% RNs: 35% HCAs15.6
60% RNs: 40% HCAs     16.5    
55% RNs: 45% HCAs   9.2
50% RNs: 50% HCAs20.2
Less than 50% RNs22.9


6. Have you seen a shift in skill mix in your ward/unit over the last 12 months?%
Yes, there are now more HCAs compared with registered nurses42.2
Yes, there are now more registered nurses compared with HCAs8.3
No, it’s stayed about the same49.5


7. Have you in the past 12 months completed an incident form because an adverse incident, or a risk that an adverse incident might have, happened?%
Yes     73.4


8. If you answered yes to the previous question (no. 7), did you receive feedback or a response when you submitted the incident form?%
Yes 24.5
No  75.5


9. How would you describe the overall culture in your trust or organisation? %
Frontline staff are encouraged to raise concerns and listened to by their managers if they do 34.0
Staff are encouraged to concerns but are ignored or bullied if they do 27.3
Staff are not encouraged to raise concerns but are listened to by their managers if they do 12.8
Staff are not encouraged to raise concerns and are ignored when they do 18.5
Staff are discouraged from raising concerns and are bullied if they do 7.4


10. How would you describe the strategic focus of your trust or organisation?%
The trust is focused on financial targets more than quality of care 65.0
The trust is focused on quality of care more than financial targets 3.7
The trust is focused equally on financial and care quality targets 25.3
Don’t know 6.0


11. Have you witnessed what you consider to be ‘poor’ care in your ward or unit over the past 12 months?%
Yes, regularly28.5
Yes, but rarely47.9
No, never20.6
Don’t know 2.9


12. Are you able to respond to patient call bells within an appropriate time for the patient’s needs?%
Yes   49.4
No 50.6


13. Have hourly ward rounds by nears been introduced at your trust or organisation?%
Yes, on all wards   21.9
Yes, in most wards  19
Yes, in a few a wards 10.4
No, not that I know of  36.2
Don’t know12.5


14. Do you feel you are able to provide care that demonstrates the CNO’s 6Cs? %
All of the time 12.7
Most of the time38.4
Some of the time36.8


15. Please briefly comment on the main reason for your answer (open question)


16. Do you think there are more ‘Mid Staffs’ out there?%
Yes, there are many trusts failing like Mid Staffs45.5
Yes, there are a small number of trusts failing like Mid Staffs38.2
No, Mid Staffs was a one-off 0.9
Don’t know 15.5


17. How confident are you that a similar situation as the care failings at Mid Staffs could never happen at your trust?%
Very confident, a situation similar to Mid Staffs could never happen at my trust 6.5
Fairly confident, a situation similar to Mid Staffs is unlikely to happen at my trust 30.4
Don’t know 28.0
Not very, we are at risk of a situation similar to Mid Staffs developing 23.2
Not at all, it’s already happening in isolated parts of the organisation7.7
Not at all, it’s already happening across the organisation 4.3


18. If you had serious concerns about patient safety on your ward or unit, what would you do?%
Raise it with a more senior nurse, eg sister, matron or nursing director 84.4
Seek to raise it with the chief executive or members of the trust board5.3
Discuss it with colleagues of a similar band or status   5.7
Raise it with an external regulator, such as the CQC2.4
Tell local or national media0.3
Tell your MP0.3
Keep it to yourself   1.5


19. Please feel free to comment further on any of the issues raised in this survey (open question)


20. How would you best describe the organization you work for?%
Acute FT 28.3
Acute NHS trust 39.2
Mental health FT 7.0
Mental health NHS trust2.7
Community services trust 9.2
GP practice1.2
Private sector provider 4.4
Care home 2.6
Other, please specify5.5


21. If you are based in a hospital, which of the following best describes the type of ward or unit you normally work on?%
General medical32.1
Intensive care9.1
High dependency5.9
A&E/urgent care12.6
Other (please specify)?


22. Which of the following job titles best describes your role?%
Student nurse1.7
Healthcare assistant 1.6
Staff nurse 48.4
Ward sister/charge nurse17.1
Clinical nurse specialist/nurse practitioner 22.7
Matron 2.6
Nurse manager5.4
Director of Nursing0.5
  • The Nursing Times survey “How will the Francis report affect nursing?” was conducted online from 24-31 January. A total of 595 nurses took part in the survey.


Do you want to keep up to date with the latest from the Francis Report into the Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust? Visit our tailored Francis Report channel with the latest rolling news and analysis

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