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CNO tells EU nurses they are ‘valued by NHS’


The outcome of the European Union referendum has prompted the chief nursing officer for England to issue a statement telling overseas nurses they are “valued and hugely appreciated”.

The statement from Jane Cummings is a clear attempt to reassure the thousands of nurses from EU counties who work in the NHS and wider care sector, and who trusts have actively recruited in light of the country’s current shortage of nursing staff.

“You are appreciated by me and, most of all, by those we care for”

Jane Cummings

Ms Cummings said: “The outcome of the referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union has, understandably, raised a number of questions about what this will mean for people from the EU currently employed in Britain.

“I wanted to take this opportunity to confirm to all EU nurses, midwives and care assistants working in England’s health and care system that you are valued and hugely appreciated, you are an integral and vital part of the health and care family, and your skills and compassionate care directly benefits patients, families and communities,” she said.

“Your vital contribution to our work together will continue; you are appreciated by me and, most of all, by those we care for,” she added.

The statement was distributed via the social media Twitter on Saturday using the hashtag #LoveOurEUStaff, which has been used by NHS leaders in recent days to send positive messages in support of their staff from overseas.

It follows a call made by NHS England’s medical director Sir Bruce Keogh to health service leaders on Friday, in which he urged them to send a message to European staff working in the health service that they are valued and welcome in the wake of the vote for the UK to leave the EU.

The Royal College of Nursing said in a statement: “The health service across the UK depends on the contribution of nurses from the European Union.

“It’s important they continue to feel valued as we enter this period of uncertainty, and the RCN will continue to offer them support as important members of the nursing team,” it said.


Readers' comments (10)

  • Sorry, Jane but I certainly don't feel valued by anyone. It would nice if this "value" was reflected in our pay packets. Kind words don't pay bills or relieve financial stress"

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  • Hi are you a foreign /EU nurse because if you are not she doesn't appreciate you. She only appreciates the EU nurses who can be used [ and its not their fault] use to browbeat and lower the wages of British staff

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  • How insulting for us home-grown nurses!

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  • Does that mean if you are an EU nurse you should be valued more.


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  • Can't quite believe comments above, I think you need to get some perspective and, dare I say, grow up. It's clear the CNO is sending a message to a group of nurses who will be feeling vulnerable following the shocking/embarrassing/terrible decision to leave the EU.
    Show some solidarity with your colleagues and recognise this issue isn't about you!

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  • Interesting ... I'd not thought of nurses in quite the light you're showing yourselves here.

    Perhaps I should point out that nurses wages are primarily influenced by the amount of money in the NHS system, not by the nationality of workers, and at the moment a political decision has been made (rightly or wrongly) that the country should undergo a period of austerity so there is no money in the system. I suspect that, should non British nurses leave you will simply find that you are asked to do more work for the same money.

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  • Wages are decided as well by supply and demand. And whilst there is a supply of cheap, easily pleased, desperate for work nurses available from the EU, there is plenty of supply so "home grown" will not feel valued either by the NHS or economically!
    Unfortunately Brexit is unlikely to effect mass immigration of cheap pliable labour so nurses will continue to suffer

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  • ''shocking/embarrassing/terrible decision to leave the EU'', ha, get over yourself!

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  • when we first moved here nurses were struggling with work ,we now trying to help and get on with the work which the goverment do not appriciaate
    The patient are wonderfull ,but the goverment does not see that we have helped alot in tne nurseing field

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  • Jonathan Gopsill

    Come on guys, let's face it. As nurses, long serving or short, we are not worth a damn and what on earth makes any of you think that that is going to change soon?
    Revalidation at one end so you can justify your existence, bursary stopped at the other and a 1% pay rise in the middle (if you're lucky).
    Aren't we all glad we chose nursing?? Aren't we?

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