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NHS 1% pay rise ‘must be applied to all staff’, say employers


NHS nurses, midwives and other healthcare workers should all be provided with a 1% pay rise in 2017-18 instead of the wage increase being targeted to help with staffing problems as the government has suggested, according to the NHS Employers organisation.

In last summer’s budget, the government announced public sector pay rises would be capped at 1% until 2020. It was later revealed that this was intended to be an average across the workforce and that there was no guarantee every employee would receive a 1% wage increase.

“The average 1% [pay rise] envelope is not enough to make any significant targeting worthwhile”

NHS Employers

But NHS Employers, which represents trusts, has said the 1% salary increase should be given to all staff on the NHS Agenda for Change payscale due to the negative impact on workforce morale if it were applied to some staff and not others.

The organisation said due to the level of the pay rise being set at 1%, this would not be enough to make a significant change to recruitment and retention if it were targeted at certain employees.

It also said that because the funding pot was so restricted, the effort required to work out different salary options in local areas would be disproportionate to any benefits gained.

NHS organisations continue to face workforce shortfalls but the current shortage is a supply issue and not related to pay levels, it added.

“There is no evidence available at national level to justify or support differential increases in 2017-18. The average 1% envelope is not enough to make any significant targeting worthwhile,” it stated.

“To do so would be seen as inequitable and potentially damaging to staff morale and employment relations,” it said.

NHS Employers’ comments come as part of its submission to the independent NHS Pay Review Body, which assesses NHS staff pay on an annual basis before making a recommendation to government.

At the end of last month unions representing nursing and midwifery staff called for the 1% pay rise cap to be broken, highlighting that trusts were struggling to recruit and retain staff amid a national workforce crisis.

They said the cap was “unsustainable” and wages must instead be increased to above inflation rates.


Readers' comments (10)

  • thought revalidation process was oky doky and ONLY 10% NOT revalidated = no shortage

    can the nursing times please collect accurate figures regarding revalidation and if there is a shortage of nurses...

    stop sacking WB and falsely accusing others (or both) of gross misconduct, we would still be employed (or had the sense to leave on our OWN ACCORD) and not dismissed...

    Can someone do a survey on how many nurses (all grades) have been suspended and then dismissed. I sent an FOI to my HB but they are refusing to co operate and accuse me of vexatious FOI's .....

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  • 1% is an INSULT

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  • 1% is indeed an insult. And what's worse is we all put up with it.

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  • Of course we will because the RCN will not bring us out on strike

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  • I agree the 1% pay rise is a disgrace to the NHS, especially when you see how many trusts are bring 'external' consultants tro review practices and processes making change (or a mess as i prefer to call it) leaving then someone else coming in and making a bigger mess - no stratergy no vision - staff in the NHS are not valued in any way- its abought time new rules where brought in to stop non NHS people coming- making a profit and leaving a mess behind.
    My opinion is if you are not front line /direct patient care you should not be on agenda for change- might bring some value back to nursing staff and the real people who provide patient care not bloody corporate managers and chief exe who milk it to death build up lovely pensions whilst being the directors of x amount of other companies then bringing other external companies in -thats why we are in such a mess! greedy pen pushers

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  • This is an insult to hard working nurse who already feel under valued. Its really a pay cut when you take into account rises in utility bills and wait for it a rise in NMC fees which will come.

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  • I agree that 1% is nowhere near enough but at least NHS employers have the sense to realise that it should be given across the board.

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  • A disgrace that they it is suggested that this pay increase is not paid across the board. There appears to be 1 rule for folk who are directly dealing with patient care and another for those who direct them.
    Sadly this continues because everything appears financially led, to the point that poor recruitment and retention leads to more stress and sickness for the folk who deal with patients daily and at times the poor recriutment & retention is also used as an excuse used to cut already vulnerable services / beds in hospitals despite an increase in the need for them by an ageing population. Who in management or the professions is questionning or challenging these issues at a high level, publicly .

    Unfortunately despite what is going on, there also appears to be no healthy questioning or debate allowed within the NHS, because the reality is that the poor folk on the ground who struggle to make ends meet are too frightened to say anything, without a danger of dismissal or being thought to cause trouble. There ought to be a forum/culture where much of the decision making should be accountable to an individual/ analysed before being accepted. There seems to be little questioning of the decision makers within the NHS - why ? in this evidence based world ? .

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  • RCM brought midwives out on strike over pay why not the RCN? Government then trying to stop us being able to strike -

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  • Better than the private sector where I haven't had a pay rise in three years!!

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