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Nick Rolfe

North West


Community Mental Health Nurse - Assertive Outreach

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  • Comment on: NICE calls for ban on smoking in hospitals

    Nick Rolfe's comment 29 November, 2013 11:52 am

    This 70% of inpatients in mental health units figure which appears to be such a headline is a meaningless number in the current world.

    It looks like it comes from an Office for National Statistics Report from 2002 based on Survey data collected in 2000. If so then it predates the smoking cessation campaigns that have actively targeted that population and also the ban on smoking within hospitals, so is hopelessly out of date.

    An anecdotal report from the locality ward where I am a community mental health nurse suggests 1 in 3 smokers currently on the unit - not real evidence I know but just as valuable as that 70% figure.

    By the way George yes bad joke indeed...

  • Comment on: Nurses to aid police with mental health offenders

    Nick Rolfe's comment 16 May, 2013 10:40 am

    If a person is 'likely to be detained under the Mental Health Act' then, depending on the Section considered, I would hope that it would be at least one doctor (ie a Psychiatrist) and an Approved Mental Health Professional that would be present as well as any Community Mental Health Nurse as without the first two no Section will be assessed for or recommended.

    As a guess though it looks like this is referring to times when police are called out by the public due to concerns about how someone is acting. They already have specigic powers under the Mental Health Act to remove people considered to be some form of danger to themselves or others under Section 136 which empowers them to take the person to a designated 'place of safety'. This then starts the clock ticking for a more formal assessment to be made. Quite where a nurse going along for the ride fits in is not at all clear to me. Who will make that initial assessment to say that this alerting call will lead to an assessment for detention. Circular argument this as we've just been told that the police can't do it, therefore a nurse to attend all callouts?

    The most terrifying words here are that Theresa May is working with Jeremy Hunt to address this...

  • Comment on: Nurse to research mental health 'recovery'

    Nick Rolfe's comment 26 September, 2012 4:47 pm

    Good stuff Richard. I think your link should be:

  • Comment on: Cancer drugs delayed 'to cut costs'

    Nick Rolfe's comment 2 March, 2012 2:04 pm

    Are they sulking because their drug Tyverb/Tykerb/lapatinib is so good that:

    "the extent that these treatments can improve overall survival appears to be small or undefined"

    NICE's Sir Andrew Dillon

    No cure, limited value, massive expense...

  • Comment on: Psychiatric drugs 'effective' in treating physical illness

    Nick Rolfe's comment 1 February, 2012 5:09 pm

    All you posters above are being a bit pompous in my view.

    It's of interest to me since I'm a mental health nurse and it is relevant as the efficacy of these powerful medications is regularly called into question as part of the healthy debate around treatments for psychosis.

    I have to look through lists of articles of no interest to my speciality to find the ones I'm interested in. I am not complaining about this and don't see that you should need to either.

    I thought we were supposed to be an all inclusive profession.

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