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Nigel Gilbert

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  • Comment on: Exclusive: Nursing director recruitment crisis 'hugely worrying'

    Nigel Gilbert's comment 20 September, 2015 8:32 am

    The Director of Quality is leaving Worcestershire Health & Care NHS Trust shortly. To those of us in BBTT campaigning against abuse of staff it has looked as if her job was primarily to smooth over complaints without doing anything. Not very satisfying. Her title would more appropriately have been Director of the Appearance of Quality.

  • Comment on: Jeremy Corbyn highlights mental health as priority

    Nigel Gilbert's comment 14 September, 2015 4:47 pm

    This is an encouraging decision. The campaigning of BBTT against abuse of NHS staff in Worcestershire has highlighted the great pressure on staff because of cuts in mental health services.

  • Comment on: Exclusive: Pioneer nurse warns that 'whistleblowing guardians' must be screened

    Nigel Gilbert's comment 22 February, 2015 8:57 am

    Michael, I think you are right that Francis did not suggest appointing guardians from within Trust Board ranks. I raised it because it has been reported that this is going to happen across the country, and certainly we have been told that Worcestershire Acute Trust has done this, although there may now be some doubt. The point is that we cannot have yet another body or officer within the NHS who simply enjoys a cosy relationship with those he or she will come to call their "colleagues" or "partners".

  • Comment on: Exclusive: Pioneer nurse warns that 'whistleblowing guardians' must be screened

    Nigel Gilbert's comment 19 February, 2015 11:37 am

    As in his first report, most of the value of Francis' report is in the content not in the recommendations. Our organisation, Betrayed By Their Trust, formed to fight abuse of staff in the Worcestershire Trusts, knows that Trust Boards often contain many members compromised by a toleration of bullying if staff. It will be useless to appoint Guardians from these Trust Boards. We need revolutionary change. Victims of the Hillsborough disaster had to wait decades for the truth of the injustice they suffered to come out. Now we hear talk of the victims of child abuse who have also had to wait many years for anybody to listen to them. It is the same with abused NHS staff. Those in charge close ranks and do not really listen and do not really want to hold to account senior managers who have abused staff. The NHS belongs to the people. Only local democratically elected guardians - elected by their communities not appointed - themselves genuinely accountable, can really tackle this problem. It should be part of new democratic change which this country badly needs.

  • Comment on: Support group established to help NHS staff who are being 'bullied and abused'

    Nigel Gilbert's comment 30 January, 2015 8:47 am

    Quite right, "anonymous". Betrayed By Their Trust (BBTT) is campaigning to call to account particular managers responsible for bullying. Sarah Dugan "refutes" allegations against her senior managers, but she does not do anything to deal with those allegations.

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