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Nurses offered 8% pay rise over three years


The government has offered nurses a three-year pay deal that could give them a pay rise of nearly 8% by 2011.

Following a recommendation of 2.75% from the NHS Pay Review body on Friday, health unions went into negotiations with the government and thrashed out a three-year deal worth 7.99% over the weekend.

In 2008-2009, nurses and other NHS non-medical staff will get a pay rise of 2.75%, which honours the recommendations of the Pay Review Body in full.

Pay rises for the following two years were then negotiated by the RCN, Unison and the government, which propose NHS staff get an extra 2.4% in 2009-2010 and 2.25% the following year.

A further 0.59% will be gained by reworking Agenda for Change pay bands five and six to give nurses more money in the final two years of the deal.

Another clause in the deal means the NHS Pay Review Body could be called in to make recommendations if the economy deteriorates and changes to the lower pay bands will create an NHS minimum wage of £6.77 per hour.

The RCN and Unison, whose negotiators agreed the proposals with the government, will now consult with other health unions and their members over the deal.

RCN general secretary Peter Carter said: ‘We have always said we would only consider signing up to a three-year pay deal if it was fair and offered nurses protection against future rises in inflation. We are delighted to put the RCN’s name to a proposal that does just that.’

Karen Jennings, Unison head of health, said: ‘The proposed deal adheres to the pay review body recommendations and is the highest in the public sector.’

However the Royal College of Midwifery has not recommended the deal to members, saying it would mean a real-terms cut in wages.


Readers' comments (36)

  • The news of the pay rise for nurses is good of course, however given that their rate of pay was not good to begin with, and the NHS is seriously short of nurses and has difficulty recruiting and retaining them, will 7 - 8% pay rise over three years make it any more attractive for them to stay working in the NHS.

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  • The usual government con trick putting forward what looks like a large percentage BUT this is over 3 years and does not go any way in keeping up with the vastly inflated domestic fuel bills, increased motoring bills due to high petrol costs and increased food bills. This is in fact a pay cut as inflation is running higher than the percentages given for each year. I hope it is not accepted and that members will be given the right to vote on this matter.

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  • my mortgage is going up , energy prices are increasing, food prices are increasing. i will soon have to go back into rented accomadation, because i cannot afford to live. This pay rise is aanother insult to nurses

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  • How can the government seriously suggest this ludicrous demeaning offer, when they are in talks about accepting first class travel expenses for their partners, as if their own expenses were not enough!!! Don't be hoodwinked into a poor offer which will not cover the rise of inflation and also remember the farce about getting the rise over the last year. We need a members vote, do not sell yourselves short, I think nurses are worth more than the government obviously thinks we are.

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  • this is again a derisory offer. my fuel bills community charge are all going up by more than this and the trust are now charging £2 daily to park at work. i would like to see mps getting less than inflation rises but am more likely to see pigs flying past the window.nurses deserve more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Bit of a joke!!! When are fuel expense for community nurses going to be increased in line with fuel charges We appear to be moving towards community philanthropy .

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  • i am a student and i have just read the bit about 6.77 an hour minimum wage i can get this flipping burgers where is the insentive for us as students to see why we are putting ourselves through this grueling training for this cheap amount of money at this rate we will loose all our nurse to australia or usa they pay us what we are worth i myself have looked at going to oz when i qualifiy in 2 years more attractive pay deals and friendler hours

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  • I would like to ask why is it possible that NHS pay more money to agency than their own staff.we are getting £6.something an hour,where agency staff from another company are getting nearly £8 to 10 an hour.I am sure if the trust increase the wages,there will be no problem for staff to be absent or sick very often.Please accept my apologise for any inconvenient that may be cause for these words.Thanking you before hand
    yours R.MUNGUR

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  • I think this pay offer is much improved on previous years, unfortunately this is a predominately female profession and this is why we earn less than Police, fire service etc. The government know that this is a vocation and we do the job because we care, i don't think we will ever be on a level with other professionals, we will always be that one step behind.

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  • I feel the pay deal is fair but we need to recieve it asap not in November. Other Industries are paid correctly we should also be

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