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One Born Every Minute: what do you think?


This week, we’re watching One Born Every Minute … what did you think of it?

One Born Every Minute is in its third series, this time focusing on couples in a Leeds hospital as they go through the highs and lows of pregnancy and labour.

The successful series focuses on the personalities of the mums and dads-to-be, as well as some of the more colourful midwives.

But what do you think? Are you addicted to every episode or can’t help screaming at the television when it’s on?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


Readers' comments (9)

  • I thought it was really uplifting, a very positive outlook

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  • One Born Every Minute gets to the heart labour wards and giving birth. Some of the people on it are certainly characters but that's what makes the programme what it is.

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  • It make me cry every time. I love seeing the babies born and the parents' reaction. The midwives come across as really caring and understanding - even when dad is a bit difficult!

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  • This programme is heavily edited, for your entertainment. It shows women poorly cared for, coerced and some dangerous outdated practices by Midwives. Midwives are seen sitting around and eating cake. Women see this as the 'normal' to expect from maternity services, which is strapped to a monitor on a bed and alone. I can not watch this anymore as it makes me so sad and so angry at the same time. It would be nice to see some 'normal' active, mobile or water births - but that does not make for good telly as it is quite boring! If you want to see more comments about this programme please go to the Facebook Page: One Born Every Minute: The Truth you will be quite shocked at posts.

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  • I am a midwife. My name is Virginia Howes and I resisted watching the programme until recently as I knew how it was portraying midwifery and childbirth. However just 4 weeks ago I watched a few minutes of the programme and it was enough to confirm what I had suspected. Mostly bad editing I agree, but if I were one of the midwives on the programme or indeed the Head of Midwifery at LGI I would be deeply embarrassed at its portrayal of our wonderful midwifery profession. However my and many others concerns is that the general public, and more importantly vulnerable and impressionable women will not make allowances for editing. Caught up in the drama and delight of the couple stories and lovely babies, incorrect and damaging messages will be taken by women from what we see. What we see is the medical model of childbirth and midwives as mini doctors promoting and endorsing medicalised birth. What we see goes against everything the Royal College of Midwives is striving to achieve in the Normal Birth Campaign. What we see goes against what every normal childbirth activist, every NCT member, every woman who has suffered a traumatic birth or indeed an empowering birth, and every midwife (from my interpretation of the word) believes in. If this was a factual programme, after all that is what it won an award for, then we would be seeing mostly normal, empowering, women centred, midwifery led births and a few medicalised births to represent the truth. The opposite is what we see. What we cannot put down to editing however is also a concern. Certain practices shown have been discredited as dangerous practice and I for one cannot understand how, for example, the Valsalva Manouvre is being shown week after weeks without the Nursing and Midwifery Council stepping in and calling a halt, not only to midwives and doctors who carry out such practices, but for it to be to be shown and therefore normalised on national TV. I am not ashamed to stand up and be counted and to speak out about this programme, who else will join me? Well, More than 2000 people have “liked” the Facebook page I set up One Born Every Minute –The Truth so I am certainly not standing alone.

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  • I can no longer watch the programme, I feel sorry for a lot of the women giving birth on it. It makes me upset and angry and brings back too many memories of my baby's birth a year ago where I was interfered with on a number of occasions, completely unnecessarily. It seems to me that some Midwives don't feel like they're doing their job unless they are putting chemicals in you, using lots of machines and examining you for no good reason. I also think that some midwives are forced to examine you and put you on a monitor because they have to care for too many women at once and so don't have the time to simply observe a woman in labour, or they have an arrogant consultant who won't let them use their own judgement.

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  • I am an Independent Midwife and I cannot watch this programme as it makes me feel embarrassed to be a midwife! Yes it is heavily edited but the general population don't realise that. This is supposed to be a true account of midwifery today yet I can't remember the last time I saw a birth like those on one born every minute and women think this is normal? If I could video the births I attend you would be amazed to see women birthing calmly, and quietly, usually in a birthing pool or leaning on a bean bag on the floor, eating when they want, being in whatever room of their house they want, having as much privacy as they need or as much support. Birthing instinctively, without the need for anyone to tell them when they need to push or how long to push for! They don't scream, why? because they are with a midwife they know and trust, they are not being unneccesarily interferred with and they are not frightened whether they are at home or in hospital as they are being supported as they need to be and this makes them feel safe. Hospitals are not the best places for the majority of women to give birth, the atmosphere is all wrong and staff have become too used to treating women routinely rather than treating every woman as an individual. Don't get me wrong, most midwives are fantastic but women need to relaise that many of the routine practices they see on this programme are not only unnecessary most of the time, done for the benefit of the midwife/doctor rather than the woman and some of them are unsafe. Women have choices and this programme does not portray this!

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  • I am an NHS midwife who works in a birth centre. Most of the births I attend involve women walking about during labour, eating as they wish and not being continuously monitored. There is no evidence base for continuously monitoring low risk women in labour unless there is a specific indication, so why are so many women on this program on their backs on the bed. There is evidence that being active and upright can shorten labour and that women have more positive memories of labour if they were able to be active.

    The program is very edited and I'm sure there is a lot of good discussion between the women and the midwives that doesn't make the television screens however the program makes it look as though women have things 'done' to them without much discussion sometimes.

    I think it is great that they often show skin to skin contact with babies soon after birth and hope in the future to see more babies breastfeeding on the program. What a fantastic way to promote it by seeing women doing it happily soon after giving birth, no need to make a big deal of it, just show it sometimes.

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  • As an NHS Midwife - I find this whole programme appalling as it does not give a very true picture of birth - editing doesn't help. Now "Call the Midwife" is brilliant in comparison!

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