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'Welcome to the new look Nursing Times'


In the 109 years since Nursing Times launched, nursing has changed radically and we’ve been there changing with it.

This change has never been faster than in the past few years, and while the profession has moved with the times so have we. The number of people opting to access NT using smartphones and tablets has rocketed. In fact, nearly half of all the people who visit do so using a phone or tablet.

So six months ago we started work on making suit the modern nursing profession.

Based on a mix of feedback from our subscribers, analysis of how you use Nursing Times and third-party expertise, the new-look has been redesigned and relaunched with you in mind.

What are the benefits?

You’ve probably already noticed that the website has a cleaner, more minimalist look, which will make it easier to see what’s new and what’s relevant to you. We know that you are busy nurses, and need to find everything quickly and efficiently, so we’ve redesigned all the elements of this website to help you do just that.

You may not have spotted our new headings. Nursing is a varied profession and we wanted to make sure every nurse can find something of interest within seconds of arriving on the website so we’ve created a new ‘Roles’ section where you can find the latest news, clinical articles, opinion pieces and book reviews that are about your area of nursing and your patient group.

This new section, and our redesigned ‘Clinical Subjects’ section, have opened up our archive of over 5,000 peer-reviewed articles plus opinion and analysis, book reviews and content written specifically for student nurses.

Not only is it easier to find the articles you want, it’s now easier to read them. The website adapts to different screen sizes so whether you’re reading this on your phone, your tablet, laptop or desktop computer you will be able to do so without fiddly scrolling and zooming.

And in case you missed it, Nursing Times Learning has also been relaunched in the past few weeks to help you prepare you for revalidation. You can use the learning units (as well as our clinical archive) for completing the 35 hours of CPD the Nursing and Midwifery Council requires of you. And to make it even easier, we have created a Learning Passport for you to save all your revalidation activities – reflection, feedback, professional conversation and confirmation as well as CPD - in one place.

Of course, we’re always breaking news and carrying out exclusive investigations and surveys to report on, analyse, support and campaign for nurses on issues that matter to nursing. Every day you’ll find a wealth of nursing news on our home page and news section – so if you want to know what’s happening in nursing and healthcare – and get the detail on what that means to you, check there first.

We hope you enjoy the new benefits of and we’d love to hear your feedback – good or bad. Please feel free to contact any member of the Nursing Times team.

To get in touch with customer services, please email or call +44 (0)20 3033 2626 (Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00).

Jenni Middleton, editor

Follow me on Twitter: @nursingtimesed



Readers' comments (17)

  • michael stone


    'We have a 'most commented' box on the homepage so you can see what people are talking about currently and also what is 'most popular' in terms of page views.'

    is not the same as the BMJ's feature which allows readers to 'like' comments to articles - that does give a [admittedly only 'indicative'] 'feel' for 'the views of readers who do not directly post comments' (although I admit it is harder to post a comment, on BMJ [takes more effort, and comments are supposed to 'add something new'].

    The new website, seems much faster - on the whole, I like it.

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  • michael stone

    The issue of 'taking comments private' is interesting.

    There was a discussion going on after the Montgomery ruling, on BMJ. A Dr Goh, writing from Australia, and I started to argue quite intensely, about whether it was the Montgomery ruling which had established 'Informed Consent' in English law, or whether (as I claimed) 'informed consent is implicit within the Mental Capacity Act.

    At one point, I was concerned that our argument over this, was getting quite technical, and also taking up 'too much of the discussion', and I asked at the start of one response:

    'Dear Mr Shyan Goh,

    I think we are disagreeing because of our 'perspectives' - and perhaps, if we continue the discussion, it should be by e-mail'

    Dr Goh wanted to argue the point out via BMJ posts, which I was happy to do, but interestingly a retired GP, Dr Lewis, chipped in with:

    'Neither Shyan Goh nor Michael Stone need apologise for their keen interest in ethics and Law. Their debate is well-informed, civilised, and is teaching me a lot. Like our NHS, let's keep it public !'

    I consider that 'keeping debate public' is really the only way to thrash out 'perspective differences', as well as being the fastest way to 'reach the right answer to questions'.

    So, I think that usually, it is only if the people posting about an article, seem to have a common-interest which is 'off topic', when they should be 'taking the discussion private'.

    It rather depends, on 'what the comments are for' - and certainly the BMJ, promotes debate within the comments.

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  • It might be something peculiar in my laptop, but I'm having trouble with Chrome under Windows 8.1 - it seems to randomly log me out and then I can't log in again (the login dialog doesn't give me any error message, it simply returns with empty fields). Same is happening on HSJ. For now I've had to switch to Firefox, which seems so far to work fine, but this is irritating.

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  • Hello Fran

    Re comments most popular and most commented, is it possible to signal when they are subscription to avoid the need to access the page to find out?


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  • Fran Entwistle

    Hi Jeremy,
    I'm really concerned to hear that, I've flagged it with a our digital team and will let you know when I hear back. As far as I'm aware, this isn't a known issue but if you're not having the same problem on a different browser then I would suspect the issue is with us, not your laptop. What version of Chrome are you using?
    Please feel free to email me if the problem continues and screenshots would be really helpful:

    Anonymous 12:53pm,
    That sounds a really good idea. It's not currently possible for me to modify this but I will put it forward as a suggested future change.
    For now, you are probably safe to assume that if something is in the 'most commented' box then it is unlikely to be behind the paywall. Please note however that everything on NT is behind a barrier - to access news and opinion you need to register (for free).

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  • michael stone

    Re the Chrome issue - the library I use, is still using XP in the branch libraries, but has just updated to Windows 7 in the central library. At the moment, Chrome works fine with Nursing Times.

    However, the XP libraries, have problems with some websites. The Marie Curie website had a strange one. The default browser [for the XP system] was IE, but you could load Chrome 'temporarily', and with Marie Curie's website IE would get to the website, but the log-in box stayed greyed out and unusable. It worked fine, using Chrome.

    I think these things all tend to be a conflict between 'settings' at either end (the browser and the website) plus, in the case of our library service, the firewall settings: for some reason, the odd article inside NT gets blocked by the library firewall.

    Presumably the older the software, the less likely it is that the problems will be picked up and resolved (and for a brief period, new software will throw up issues as well).

    Computers - great when the work, but ...

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  • Hello Fran
    I have just encountered two issues.
    1. I have to sign in for each page I visit
    2. Once I have logged in and my account appears at the top of the page I cannot find anywhere to log out!
    I find this new format very time consuming both to browse and to comment on with the signing in, page turning, etc. I preferred the old index of articles listing those most recently commented on without all the distraction of pictures, different sections, etc. which are just a waste of my time.

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