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Practice team blog

Your practice editors Kathryn, Ann, Eileen and Fran talk about nursing in practice

Ignore the politics and take a good look at intentional rounding

Posted by Eileen ShepherdMon, 16 Jan 2012

The principles underlying the approach are sound. Any system that guides the organisation of care to build a therapeutic relationship between nurses and patients has to be welcomed. An article by Gregory Dix published in this week’s Nursing Times outlines how IR has had a positive effect on care on a medical admission unit in his trust. It enabled nurses to be proactive rather than reactive, anticipate patients’ needs and find out what works for them. I don’t think there is much to ...

Don't rush to judgement on Stepping Hill

Posted by Ann ShuttleworthMon, 9 Jan 2012

Now that a second nurse from Stepping Hill Hospital, Victorino Chua, l has been arrested for allegedly tampering with medication, I wonder whether those who attacked Rebecca Leighton so viciously will reflect on their actions.

Deciding to quit may not be enough

Posted by Kathryn GodfreyTue, 3 Jan 2012

A friend told me on New Year’s Eve that she was going to quit smoking.

'Many nurses have no part in decision-making processes that directly impact on patient care'

Posted by Eileen ShepherdMon, 26 Dec 2011

Mary is a sister on a surgical ward. She was told a few months ago that theatres no longer have staff to escort patients back to the ward after 5pm, so ward nurses now have to collect them. Mary only has four staff on a late shift and queried how they will manage, but the business manager said there is no alternative. On the first evening of the new system two nurses went off on escort, buzzers started ringing and a patient complained about having to wait 15 minutes for a bedpan. A ...

'In their late sixties, how will nurses keep up with the demands of the job?'

Posted by Ann ShuttleworthThu, 8 Dec 2011

The debate about whether the country can afford to pay public sector pensions will, I’m sure, continue to rage long after the current dispute is resolved. And I doubt some sections of the media will ever stop referring to them as ‘gold-plated’.

'Nothing happens at the weekend'

Posted by Kathryn GodfreyTue, 29 Nov 2011

Patients should be as safe in hospital at the weekend as they are during the week. And from a nursing point of view we need to avoid that ‘nothing happens at the weekend’ feeling that patients can get.

'Washing my patients' feet'

Posted by Eileen ShepherdMon, 21 Nov 2011

Without even thinking I replied “washing patients’ feet!” Perhaps an odd answer but for me, somehow, it sums up what nursing is all about.

'The students’ situation could be a sign of worse things to come'

Posted by Ann ShuttleworthMon, 14 Nov 2011

How ironic that one in four student nurses who responded to our survey had difficulty in getting a flu jab.

Let's nap on nights: but not in the bath

Posted by Kathryn GodfreyMon, 7 Nov 2011

When one of my nursing friends was on nights she used to have a sleep in one of the ward baths during her break.

'The changed demands of healthcare require organisational commitment'

Posted by Ann ShuttleworthMon, 31 Oct 2011

The media storm following publication of the latest CQC report on hospital care of older people has abated has left health professionals – and particularly nurses – feeling bruised and battered.

'Every interaction with a patient is a therapeutic one'

Posted by Eileen ShepherdMon, 17 Oct 2011

She described this as her survival technique on a ward where she knew she couldn’t be in three places at once. “When I realised I no longer felt their pain, I knew it was time to leave” she said.

Where do you find your patience?

Posted by Kathryn GodfreyMon, 10 Oct 2011

There are countless pressures and incidents that require your patience throughout the nursing shift.

'My top 10 suggestions for improving nursing'

Posted by Eileen ShepherdMon, 3 Oct 2011

We have many problems and they all need to be addressed if we want to get nursing back on track. I don’t claim to be an expert but I have pulled together my top 10 suggestions. Please change, adapt, disagree as you see fit - I can take it. But let’s have a clinically focused conversation about what really matters to nurses and their patients. So, with a deep breath and in no particular order:My top 10Wards should have staffing levels and skill ...

'We've all had to insist our parents receive a fundamental aspect of care, quickly'

Posted by Ann ShuttleworthMon, 26 Sep 2011

Depending on how you want to look at it, our collective parents are either draining the NHS of vast proportions of its resources or keeping an awful lot of health professionals in gainful employment.

'Staff need to be clear about what constitutes theft'

Posted by Eileen ShepherdMon, 19 Sep 2011

Most parents will have experienced that terrible moment when their first born child comes home from nursery school with a piece of logo or a Playmobile man tucked into a pocket. Did they put it there by accident or did they steal it? What do you do?

'It's a bit of a shame there are no men in the ward, she said'

Posted by Kathryn GodfreyWed, 14 Sep 2011

It all seemed pretty straightforward, the drive to have single sex wards and bays.

'It's a disservice to most nurses if we use poor care to define the profession'

Posted by Kathryn GodfreyFri, 2 Sep 2011

A Mail online article which criticised the use of tabards also talked about a crisis in nursing. Detailing a story of poor care the author said: ‘Talk to anyone who’s spent time in an NHS hospital recently and, nine times out of ten, you’ll get a similarly unhappy story.’

'Do nurse badges have any relevance to nurses today?'

Posted by Eileen ShepherdMon, 22 Aug 2011

Having a clear out at home a few weeks ago I came across an old jewellery box, a Christmas present from my parents some 35 years ago.

Evidence or instinct?

Posted by Eileen ShepherdMon, 15 Aug 2011

Should you wake patients at 2am to measure vital signs? We posed this question last week in Behind the Rituals and the debate is still going on in Twitterland.

'A lot of research is barely seen by the nurses who could use it'

Posted by Ann ShuttleworthTue, 9 Aug 2011

One of the reasons I love my job is that it feels worthwhile. I and the rest of the practice team may not be actually delivering patient care, but we are helping you to do so. We do this by publishing double-blind peer reviewed articles, written in plain English by experts in their fields and focusing on the implications for nursing practice.

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