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Practice team blog

Your practice editors Kathryn, Ann, Eileen and Fran talk about nursing in practice

Is a “Masterchef-style”’ competition the answer to poor nutrition in hospitals?

Posted by Fran EntwistleMon, 26 May 2014

How many of us watched Jamie Oliver taking on school lunches and wished he’d do the same for hospitals?

Let’s face it, there is no additional money

Posted by Eileen ShepherdMon, 19 May 2014

As part of my job I get out to conferences and meet nurses who have taken some time out to learn and network with others. I also spend too much time looking at Twitter, which gives the impression that everyone who works in the NHS spends most of their time at conferences.

How can we move care into the community if there are no nurses to provide it?

Posted by Ann ShuttleworthMon, 12 May 2014

If it feels like governments have been discussing the shift towards providing a greater proportion of healthcare outside of hospitals for years, that’s because they have.

Do we need a ‘health atlas’?

Posted by Fran EntwistleMon, 28 Apr 2014

I must admit, when I first saw the headlines about the health atlas – a map showing which areas are most affected by certain illnesses and conditions – I was intrigued.

How can you recover if you are tired?

Posted by Kathryn GodfreyMon, 28 Apr 2014

One night you can manage but after a few nights short of sleep you feel jaded and don’t think and respond as well as you would like.

Listening is harder than you think

Posted by Eileen ShepherdWed, 16 Apr 2014

After Mr Benn’s death was announced a few weeks ago I thought about that conversation and was struck by how my experience compared to so many others. Mr Benn had an amazing ability to listen, ask relevant questions and appear genuinely interested in my answers. When he got off the train I realised that he had said very little about himself and why he was on a train to Leicester but he had found out a lot about me.

Morals should not affect decisions on who receives treatment

Posted by Ann ShuttleworthMon, 7 Apr 2014

News that heavy drinkers are to be considered for liver transplants led to a predictable flurry of comments on national press websites. Many were along the lines of “it’s a waste of a liver”, “why should I fund surgery that just lets them carry on drinking”, or “the NHS shouldn’t offer this to people who have brought it on themselves”.

How can we show our appreciation of student nurses?

Posted by Fran EntwistleMon, 31 Mar 2014

Not wanting to miss out on the excitement, I took my laptop to reception and based myself there to meet our shortlist.

Would you value a week away with your team?

Posted by Kathryn GodfreyMon, 24 Mar 2014

As we know nursing is a 24-hour job. Patients that need care require  it just as much at two o’clock in the morning as they do at three in the afternoon. And they need it as much at weekends as they do during the week.

Why is it so difficult to give a patient a drink?

Posted by Eileen ShepherdMon, 17 Mar 2014

How difficult can it be to take a glass of water, put it to a patient’s lips and get them to drink?

The academic integrity of the nursing degree must be protected

Posted by Ann ShuttleworthMon, 10 Mar 2014

Last week’s announcement that an apprenticeship route into nursing is to be developed has caused quite a stir.

Wishing I was a student nurse now

Posted by Kathryn GodfreyMon, 3 Mar 2014

I spent a day last week experiencing the adult student nurse programme at City University in London. The student nurses on that programme will be spending time on placement on the same wards that I trained on 35 years ago. Without a doubt I know who is getting a better deal – the patients now.

Does ‘Bedpans and Bandages’ give nurses and student nurses the respect they deserve?

Posted by Fran EntwistleMon, 24 Feb 2014

Last week ITV aired the first of its new series looking into the lives of student nurses. The producers say ‘Student Nurses: Bedpans and Bandages’ will offer “insight into what it takes to become a nurse in the 21st century”.

Is removing RCN indemnity insurance really a small change?

Posted by Eileen ShepherdMon, 17 Feb 2014

I was shocked last week by the RCN’s decision to remove indemnity insurance from most nurses.

Why won’t trusts pledge to support staff who raise concerns?

Posted by Ann ShuttleworthMon, 10 Feb 2014

A year on from publication of the Francis report, The Nuffield Trust has published a report on how NHS trusts have responded to Francis’ shocking findings and wide-ranging recommendations. So how much progress has been made?

Recognise night nursing as a specialty

Posted by Kathryn GodfreyMon, 3 Feb 2014

During the hours when most of us are asleep, in hospitals and care homes across the country, night nurses are striving to ensure the care and recovery of patients.

Why are antipsychotics so regularly given to people with dementia?

Posted by Fran EntwistleMon, 27 Jan 2014

When reading about the background to the upcoming NICE guideline on medication use in residential homes (due March 2014), I was surprised to find that, despite the fact that the majority are not licensed for use in people with dementia, this is a widespread practice.

Trusts must resist the temptation of a 'quick fix'

Posted by Eileen ShepherdMon, 20 Jan 2014

It is nearly a year on from the Francis report and the launch of our Speak Out Safely campaign to ensure staff will be supported when they raise concerns about care. It was disappointing, therefore, to read the recent CQC inspection of Barts Health Trust.

Speak up about revalidation, or forever hold your peace

Posted by Ann ShuttleworthMon, 13 Jan 2014

Only a couple of decades ago you could, in theory, qualify as a nurse and spend 40 years in the profession without undertaking any form of study or updating. And while examples of nurses who did that may be few and far between I’m long enough in the tooth to remember the introduction of PREP in the 1990s, and I know a few did exist.

How many smokers can you help to quit this year?

Posted by Kathryn GodfreyMon, 6 Jan 2014

New Year is traditionally a time when we evaluate our lives and make resolutions to change or improve things. To reflect on the past year and make a fresh start for the one coming.