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Practice team blog

Your practice editors Kathryn, Ann, Eileen and Fran talk about nursing in practice

All posts by Ann Shuttleworth

'Let us help you get ready for revalidation'

Posted by Ann ShuttleworthMon, 17 Aug 2015

It’s now five years since we launched Nursing Times Learning, our suite of online learning units, and in that time nurses have used it to complete over 35,000 hours’ CPD. After months of planning, editorial enhancements and technical design work, we are delighted to have launched a new learning system to better meet nurses’ professional development needs.

'Start planning now and you'll find revalidation painless'

Posted by Ann ShuttleworthTue, 16 Jun 2015

It’s been talked about for so long that nurses could be forgiven for thinking nurse revalidation would never happen. But it is happening – and it’s happening soon.

'Now take a look at the Conservative manifesto and see what you've been promised'

Posted by Ann ShuttleworthMon, 11 May 2015

So after months of campaigning, and commentators pontificating about the implications of all the different coalition permutations, we have a majority government after all.

Staff afraid to raise concerns? Nothing to do with us, Sir Robert

Posted by Ann ShuttleworthMon, 6 Apr 2015

In his recent report into whistleblowing Sir Robert Francis QC felt the need to call for legal protection for staff who raise concerns about care. This is a full two years on from his report into care failings at Mid Staffs, which lifted the lid on how the organisation treated staff who spoke up.

Fairness in NHS funding should look beyond the individual

Posted by Ann ShuttleworthMon, 9 Mar 2015

I like to think that one of the reasons we love the NHS is that the general population in the UK has a sense of fairness that is largely independent of where individuals stand on the political spectrum. We may argue about the finer details but the overwhelming majority of us agree that a healthcare system that is free at the point of need is fair.

Stories can offer a window into your patients' world

Posted by Ann ShuttleworthMon, 2 Feb 2015

Storytelling has been a cornerstone of education and culture across the world for centuries.

Will 2015 be the year healthcare providers learn to value staff who raise concerns?

Posted by Ann ShuttleworthMon, 29 Dec 2014

We’re coming up to two years since Sir Robert Francis QC published his report into care failings at Mid Staffs. Unlike many “seminal” and “watershed” reports on the NHS and healthcare more widely, which lie gathering dust having been ignored by those targeted with recommendations, the Francis report has already led to changes in government policy and health service practice.

'Why do so many patients with COPD still have no access to specialist nurses?'

Posted by Ann ShuttleworthMon, 24 Nov 2014

Patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) must come to terms with having a progressive and incurable disease that will increasingly limit their capacity for physical activity, and is almost certain to cause their death. And the fact that it affects the ability to breathe means they are constantly reminded of this frightening prospect.

What will it take for people to realise that making money out of other people's misery is utterly unacceptable?

Posted by Ann ShuttleworthTue, 28 Oct 2014

It’s Hallowe’en again, and as sure as ghouls emerge from graveyards, we have another crop of “hilarious” costumes making a joke out of mental illness.

Ebola is not just 'somebody else's problem'

Posted by Ann ShuttleworthMon, 29 Sep 2014

The horrifying ebola epidemic currently running out of control in West Africa seemed a distant problem not too long ago. Voluntary organisations such as MSF and the World Health Organization had been warning for some time that it was rapidly turning from a largely healthcare problem into a social and economic catastrophe, but still it was happening to “other people”.

Improving public health requires a whole-society approach

Posted by Ann ShuttleworthMon, 1 Sep 2014

Public health has long been the poor relation in the healthcare family. While preventing ill health may seem an obvious candidate for generous funding, too many aspects of this important area of healthcare have been largely sidelined for decades.

In healthcare, local doesn’t always mean best

Posted by Ann ShuttleworthMon, 11 Aug 2014

Whenever NHS services are reorganised to offer specialist services in centres of excellence there tends to be a public outcry about the loss of local services, with accusations that the reorganisation is an attempt to cut spending. Local MPs vociferously defend those on their patch – often when the reorganisation is the result of their own party’s policies.

Can Morecambe Bay lead the way in raising concerns?

Posted by Ann ShuttleworthMon, 7 Jul 2014

As a board member of a trust put into special measures after a series of high-profile problems including patient deaths, a director of nursing’s first instinct might be to stay below the media parapet – even if the problems didn’t happen on her watch. However, Sue Smith of University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay Foundation Trust has come out fighting to change perceptions of her trust and in particular its nurses and midwives in an exclusive ...

Are you a nurse because your dad didn’t wash up?

Posted by Ann ShuttleworthMon, 9 Jun 2014

What makes people want to go into nursing?

How can we move care into the community if there are no nurses to provide it?

Posted by Ann ShuttleworthMon, 12 May 2014

If it feels like governments have been discussing the shift towards providing a greater proportion of healthcare outside of hospitals for years, that’s because they have.

Morals should not affect decisions on who receives treatment

Posted by Ann ShuttleworthMon, 7 Apr 2014

News that heavy drinkers are to be considered for liver transplants led to a predictable flurry of comments on national press websites. Many were along the lines of “it’s a waste of a liver”, “why should I fund surgery that just lets them carry on drinking”, or “the NHS shouldn’t offer this to people who have brought it on themselves”.

The academic integrity of the nursing degree must be protected

Posted by Ann ShuttleworthMon, 10 Mar 2014

Last week’s announcement that an apprenticeship route into nursing is to be developed has caused quite a stir.

Why won’t trusts pledge to support staff who raise concerns?

Posted by Ann ShuttleworthMon, 10 Feb 2014

A year on from publication of the Francis report, The Nuffield Trust has published a report on how NHS trusts have responded to Francis’ shocking findings and wide-ranging recommendations. So how much progress has been made?

Speak up about revalidation, or forever hold your peace

Posted by Ann ShuttleworthMon, 13 Jan 2014

Only a couple of decades ago you could, in theory, qualify as a nurse and spend 40 years in the profession without undertaking any form of study or updating. And while examples of nurses who did that may be few and far between I’m long enough in the tooth to remember the introduction of PREP in the 1990s, and I know a few did exist.