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Practice team blog

Your practice editors Kathryn, Ann, Eileen and Fran talk about nursing in practice

All posts by Kathryn Godfrey

'Work away from the bedside matters too'

Posted by Kathryn GodfreyMon, 9 Nov 2015

But has this often-voiced criticism meant that all organisational work has been lumped in together as not being a good use of nurses’ time.

Sorry seems to be the hardest word

Posted by Kathryn GodfreyMon, 28 Sep 2015

Analysis of complaints sent to the health service ombudsman has found that not receiving an adequate apology is the most common complaint, accounting for a third of cases last year.

Hospital discharge is still putting patients at risk

Posted by Kathryn GodfreyMon, 3 Aug 2015

There is more to planning a hospital discharge than ordering medications and booking the transport. All the care and treatment that patients receive while in hospital can be compromised if their discharge home leaves them vulnerable.

Telling the difference between dementia and delirium

Posted by Kathryn GodfreyMon, 8 Jun 2015

Patients who suffer from delirium are more likely to have poor outcomes according to a systematic review and meta-analysis published last week.A third of patients admitted to ICU were found to develop delirium. These patients were found to have an increased ...

Should hospital treatments take the weekend off?

Posted by Kathryn GodfreyMon, 4 May 2015

The nature of weekends have changed over the years. Fifty years ago pretty much everything stopped on a Sunday. If you went into the centre of a town it would be eerily quiet – unlike today.

'Some good news for care of the older person'

Posted by Kathryn GodfreyMon, 30 Mar 2015

It seems the tide may be turning on the way older people are treated in the NHS, with the need to develop and improve this important area of care at last being acknowledged and acted on. There were two announcements this week that gave me hope that change is coming.

An innovative way to overcome the tricky issue of visiting hours

Posted by Kathryn GodfreyMon, 2 Mar 2015

The topic of when and for how long relatives and friends can visit on hospital wards has long been a much discussed topic. Open visiting versus fixed-hours visiting? Should it be the same for every ward and department? Can children visit? How many visitors should be allowed at one time?

Rise in TB cases has been a painful lesson

Posted by Kathryn GodfreyMon, 26 Jan 2015

In healthcare nothing stands still or stays the same.

Nurses are a lifeline over the festive period

Posted by Kathryn GodfreyMon, 15 Dec 2014

When I visited my mother in hospital on Christmas Day I felt very grateful to the staff, who were working as hard as always. My mother’s needs were as acute on that day as on any other.

Hand hygiene reminder light should be in nurses’ heads not on a badge

Posted by Kathryn GodfreyMon, 17 Nov 2014

Last week we reported that staff at Doncaster Royal Infirmary are trialling a traffic light-style hand hygiene reminder tool.

What happens if a naso-gastric tube gets knotted?

Posted by Kathryn GodfreyMon, 20 Oct 2014

Some procedures are carried out in hospital wards across the country each and every day with no ill-effect to patients. However this does not mean that because a procedure is common, and generally problem free, that there are no dangers that staff need to watch out for.

Liver disease could become a bigger killer than heart disease

Posted by Kathryn GodfreyMon, 22 Sep 2014

The increase in liver disease is startling with it now being the fifth biggest killer in England and Wales with around a 25% increase in deaths in the last decade.

Are you ready for a cardiac arrest?

Posted by Kathryn GodfreyMon, 28 Jul 2014

Inevitably nurses in some areas such as cardiac care and casualty are more ready than others. Are you ready for such an event? 

Health promotion needs to be of this planet to be effective

Posted by Kathryn GodfreyMon, 30 Jun 2014

A suggestion by doctors on how to prevent teenagers smoking was made for a different utopia than the one we live in

Lack of community nurses is policy madness

Posted by Kathryn GodfreyMon, 2 Jun 2014

The policy message has been transmitted and understood. Delivery of care needs to shift from the hospital setting into the community. Where possible, it is best for patients to be cared for in their own home. Shorter stays in hospital, delivering what patients want, enhances recovery, reduces risk of hospital-acquired infection.

How can you recover if you are tired?

Posted by Kathryn GodfreyMon, 28 Apr 2014

One night you can manage but after a few nights short of sleep you feel jaded and don’t think and respond as well as you would like.

Would you value a week away with your team?

Posted by Kathryn GodfreyMon, 24 Mar 2014

As we know nursing is a 24-hour job. Patients that need care require  it just as much at two o’clock in the morning as they do at three in the afternoon. And they need it as much at weekends as they do during the week.

Wishing I was a student nurse now

Posted by Kathryn GodfreyMon, 3 Mar 2014

I spent a day last week experiencing the adult student nurse programme at City University in London. The student nurses on that programme will be spending time on placement on the same wards that I trained on 35 years ago. Without a doubt I know who is getting a better deal – the patients now.

Recognise night nursing as a specialty

Posted by Kathryn GodfreyMon, 3 Feb 2014

During the hours when most of us are asleep, in hospitals and care homes across the country, night nurses are striving to ensure the care and recovery of patients.

How many smokers can you help to quit this year?

Posted by Kathryn GodfreyMon, 6 Jan 2014

New Year is traditionally a time when we evaluate our lives and make resolutions to change or improve things. To reflect on the past year and make a fresh start for the one coming.