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  • Comment on: Associates 'may boost staff in NHS but reduce in social care'

    patients advcate's comment 8 March, 2017 7:41 pm

    So this works out that in the future if your not a n/ass the c s w are still the pack horse where some time ago the used to be HCSW how had to do two in one jobs i thought basic care came first what else is the nhs going to wast money on we need people to get to the nitty gritty proper manual work not to be put on a platform with the hee and to compeat with other forms it like being at the oscars?

  • Comment on: HEE has 'no money' to fund extra nurse training posts

    patients advcate's comment 9 November, 2016 11:24 am

    ya it may be the introduction to the new ap s (band4) in jan 17 its an easy route and a nother form of students intro or getting back to the students role the easy way the ones that gave up half way throu? it is a astonishing where these things come from when the is "NO MONEY"?

  • Comment on: Nursing associate role created too quickly, warn leaders

    patients advcate's comment 9 November, 2016 11:13 am

    hi I yes this post has not been thought throu .Thou out the nhs the has been a number of fantastic,caring staff that knew there post as band three,thay helped the nurse to the full then due to nhs cut backs thay was dismissed that was a waste of time and money now the is a nother post that would be a band 4 the n h s is in break down why are you doing this? p.s lots of the band 3s were asked if thay wanted to be aps but we refused and the trusts decided to knock it on the head.?????

  • Comment on: Nursing associates no 'quick fix' for NHS workforce

    patients advcate's comment 12 July, 2016 12:50 pm

    nursing associates and you say it will takt 10 years to complete this task! well people should of thought of this in 2014 when they got rid of hundreds of higher clinical support workers (band 3) to save money for the trusts where thay could have spent money on them going to uni for twelve months one to two days a week to get to a band four these people were highly educated people with a lot of years expereance and lots of spec. I noticed in some trusts thay are trying to introduce the band 4 but it will only introduce novice blood with NO experience as this job is for people that has worked in acute environment for 10 years hands on care but the band three has gone and nhs want to throw good money after bad ??????????????

  • Comment on: Nurses split over shift patterns

    patients advcate's comment 30 July, 2012 7:36 am

    hang on the problem is all staff on 12 hours if 12 hour staff fall sick who will replace them if it is more then 48 hours you have to make do? and if you are on a shorter shift due to home circinstainces .you get the finger pointed because you will finish the shift andthey are short for the rest of the 12 hours it all boils down to money andhaving extra days off work yourself saft to have days off hopefully together? students wait until you have your own section and responsablities and have no staff nurse to back you up

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