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PDave Angel

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  • Comment on: 'How will I cope with long hours?'

    PDave Angel's comment 24 February, 2019 9:12 pm

    Can you plan the holiday activities in advance?
    Try to stay at home unless its at a holiday camp
    Why? Because you spend time looking at maps, making sure you have everything rather then enjoying your time with your family and friends.
    Try a different routine:
    Have a special breakfast, watch a film, play childhood games that involve lots of running about like tag as these are fun and nobody gets annoyed like some do with monopoly.
    Buy board games. Yes you can buy all sorts of new board games: there are restaurants that let you play these all day.

    Supposing you are on shift on Christmas Day? Then have a special Christmas when you are on leave.

    Nurses like you who work so incredibly hard and look after all of us deserve to rest and relax.

    PDave Angel

  • Comment on: 'I find studying and memorisation difficult'

    PDave Angel's comment 24 February, 2019 9:01 pm

    Try learning the basics and the important parts of each module and then write these on flashcards and look at these very night. Try and summarise the parts you need to learn and make notes, you may learn more by writing these out by pen rather than typing them out.

  • Comment on: 'We need a strong leader now more than ever'

    PDave Angel's comment 31 May, 2018 5:32 pm

    You all said this 4 years ago when I first came here!

    You need a strong leader but the trusts do not answer to the Chief Nursing Officer. They can make as many cuts as they wish and what can Jane Cummings or her replacement can do?
    What does the Chief Nursing Officer do? What is her everyday role? Is it to lead nursing? Is it to agree to government policy? Was she consulted on removing burseries and did she give her approval?

    Need to know what the role actually is and how much power it actually has.

    PDave Angel

  • Comment on: 'I find myself sitting on a precipice'

    PDave Angel's comment 7 May, 2018 1:03 pm


    Imagine your first delivery!
    You will always remember your very first one as a registered midwife and it will be brilliant!

    You will be a wonderful midwife.

    PDave Angel

  • Comment on: 'This week nurses stood together'

    PDave Angel's comment 13 April, 2018 8:41 pm


    How dare he belittle you!

    You are all amazing, fabulous and superb and rather you treated me than him!


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