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Category list : Pelvic floor care

Stories with this category.

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  • Why men need to perform pelvic floor exercisesSubscription

    Clinical26 August, 2007

    VOL: 103, ISSUE: 26, PAGE NO: 40Grace Dorey, PhD, FCSP, is consultant physiotherapist, The Somerset Nuffield Hospital, SomersetMale pelvic floor muscles may be divided into a deep supportive layer forming the urogenital diaphragm and a superf...

  • The menopause: effects on the pelvic floor, symptoms and treatment optionsSubscription

    Clinical4 December, 2009

    Postmenopausal women are at risk of urogynaecological dysfunction. With better understanding of the pelvic floor, much can be done to improve care

  • Pregnant woman

    Pregnancy and childbirth: the effects on pelvic floor musclesSubscription

    Clinical26 February, 2009

    Stress incontinence can follow childbirth as pelvic floor muscles are damaged

  • pelvic

    Pelvic Pain ExplainedSubscription

    Book review17 November, 2016

    ’This book aids the patient and clinician to give overview of pelvic pain symptoms, causes and treatment options.

  • Pelvic floor

    Pelvic floor training for lower urinary tract dysfunction in MSSubscription

    Clinical26 February, 2009

    Does pelvic floor muscle training improve lower urinary tract function in MS?

  • Sexual function was improved by pelvic floor exercises

    Pelvic floor rehabilitation improves quality of life and sexual functionSubscription

    News8 March, 2010

    This is the conclusion of a study of 16 patients with urinary incontinence who underwent a complete pelvic floor rehabilitation program.

  • learning_disabilities_exercise_DO_NOT_USE.JPG

    Pelvic floor muscle exercises for menSubscription

    Clinical13 May, 2003

    There are four functions of the male pelvic floor muscles. They support the abdominal contents, maintain urinary and faecal continence, allow the elimination of urine and faeces, and have an important role in sexual activity (Box 1).

  • Pelvic floor muscle exercisesSubscription

    Clinical19 October, 2000

    VOL: 96, ISSUE: 42, PAGE NO: 2Jeanette Haslam, MPhil, MCSP, SRP, is a clinical continence specialist, Munich, GermanyThe pelvic floor muscles are unique, somatically controlled muscles that are active throughout life, 24 hours a day. They form a dynamic platform which functions like a trampoline at the base of the pelvis to contain the pelvic and abdominal organs, preventing prolapse and assisting in the maintenance of continence.

  • Continence leaflet

    Pelvic floor muscle exerciseSubscription

    Clinical7 January, 2003

    The ICS Standardisation Committee (Abrams et al, 2002) defines the symptom of stress urinary incontinence as the complaint of involuntary leakage on effort or exertion, or on sneezing or coughing. Genuine stress incontinence (now known as urodynamically proven stress incontinence) is the involuntary loss of urine occurring when, in the absence of a detrusor contraction, the intravesical pressure exceeds the maximal urethral pressure. These definitions tend to look at the urinary mechanism ...

  • Mother and baby

    Pelvic floor health: information for teenagersSubscription

    Clinical28 April, 2011

    Young women were involved in developing a leaflet about pelvic floor awareness with the aim of maintaining and improving pelvic floor health

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