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Phil Noyes

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  • Comment on: Nursing associates need ‘effective’ leadership to succeed

    Phil Noyes's comment 10 January, 2019 3:03 pm

    Five year pay deal? I thought it was three. Error, or is this small print becoming visible (I suspect the former)?

  • Comment on: Nine in 10 nurses complete revalidation in first phase

    Phil Noyes's comment 1 August, 2016 5:05 pm

    That 10% drop was my first thought too, Ian, but what we would need to see is the normal percentage not renewing to make a realistic assessment of the scale of that loss. In employers who have committed to supporting nurses the process (I am fortunate to have seen a positive approach in mine) nurses can report greater ease in revalidation than they had feared, but where investment in support is lacking it falls on the registrant alone. I agree that any drop in nurses makes our current problem worse, and a further point of interest will be the number of failed attempts to revalidate. Quite how effective this is in protecting the public is something which will take a long time to emerge, and may be obscured altogether by the growing crisis in recruiting and retaining an adequate nursing workforce.

  • Comment on: Exclusive: Nurses should learn more ‘informally on ward’

    Phil Noyes's comment 28 June, 2016 4:31 pm

    I tend to agree with Anonymous 4:09 PM - while the expertise of nurses around you can be a wonderful thing to mine and exploit, as well as fostering a great environment for the growth of high nursing standards of practice this does not reflect the experiences of nurses working in high volume high pressured environments often in circumstances which are less than ideal. If we rely on social learning without making work environments places where this can happen naturally we are doing staff and nursing in general a great disservice. I also think Jo's comment about variability of standards is realistic - there needs to be a benchmarking process led by local nurse leaders

  • Comment on: Thousands still 'stuck' on learning disability wards

    Phil Noyes's comment 1 June, 2016 9:21 am

    I would agree that we have had underfunding of community services for people with a learning disability for as long as the NHS has existed and that the vast majority of those are far better supported in the community. However, for the small number who need intensive (and compassionate along with the other 5 cs) care specialist NHS facilities can be a lifeline - I have seen exceptional acts of caring in the most trying circumstances (though I too despaired on watching the Winterbourne Panorama, I know that it was a failure in management as well as nursing, and was not an NHS facility even though funded) and am currently seeing talented colleagues transfer their skills to providing support in community intensive support under the Transforming Care agenda. Please don't paint all staff with that wide brush.

  • Comment on: Students to lobby MPs at Westminster over bursaries

    Phil Noyes's comment 23 May, 2016 2:32 pm

    Kate, I couldn't agree more! Nurses are currently "paying their way" with a cost of living shortfall of 15% since 2008 and we have nurse shortages which mean we cannot afford to ignore the mature entrants for whom a loan (albeit one the government suggests will never be paid off, which suggests in turn further pay shrinkage in real terms and a dearth of career development) is that leap into the dark their finances will not allow. Bursaries while not perfect are at least a recognition of the different nature of burse training, and to lose them in what can only be seen as a treasury grab back is potentially disastrous

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