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Public sector morale 'at all time low'


Morale among public sector workers has hit an all-time low ahead of this week’s Comprehensive Spending Review, with many fearing huge job losses, according to a new study.

A survey of 1,000 workers by recruitment consultant Badenoch & Clark showed that one in five had no idea what to expect in Wednesday’s announcement, while a quarter voiced concern that cuts would leave their department under-resourced.

Central government employees were most apprehensive, many fearing redundancies as a result of the expected cuts in spending.

Nicola Linkleter of Badenoch & Clark said: “The Comprehensive Spending Review has been looming for a number of months, with considerable speculation regarding the impact on jobs. It is, therefore, little wonder that there is a huge amount of trepidation within the sector.

“It is clear that many feel that, due to recruitment freezes, they are already under-resourced and this is only going to get worse.”


Readers' comments (7)

  • Hardly a surprise!

    But it will of course carry-over into poorer service for the public. Sad times for public services in the UK, and for the people who use them, most especially those who depend on them.

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  • an appaling state of affairs which should never be allowed to happen. it damages the devoted staff and their livelihood as well as putting patients at risk. why are we all being penalised for the problems that many of us are in no way responsible for.

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  • I agree with the last anonymous message. This whole recession was not our fault in the first place. All this started in America and now we have to all suffer the full on blow of the spending review. Why should we all suffer the loss of jobs and at the same time the government are happy to increase the prices on everything. What are the poorest people in society supposed to do now with many of the benefits either being cut or scrapped. This whole situation is a complete joke.

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  • job losses, benefit cut backs, increases in spending and also cuts in public services - threat of tax increases - what is the british landscape going to look like now and in the future. we might as well all act like lemings and jump into the sea. I just cannot imagine how people on benefits and poorer members of society are going to cope. even as a pensioner the future is one big worry and on a more selfish note i was looking foward to my first few years of retirement, with some savings, a home to renovate and the social life and holidays I never had whilst working and some sport to keep fit. what's the point of now saving until five years down the line when there are promises that everything is suddenly and miracuously going to get better and what will become of the services one will need as one gets older and espcially as the babyboomer generation is inflating the number of those coming up for retirement dramatically.

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  • many services were poor and shabby in Britain before the cuts on the pretext there was insufficient funding, cf local councils in areas with extortionate council taxes, were made so good knows how they will be from now on......

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  • Oh please, morale has been low for a long, long time.

    The problem is not the cuts, cuts are needed and will probably would have done good in the long term if they had been used wisely, but they haven't been.

    The same problems remain.

    Vast ammounts of money still gets wasted on beauracracy and administration, on waste, on fat cats and the executives, the directors the administrators and coordinators. Because they are in control, you can guarantee that the cuts will barely affect them.

    Instead it is those who TRULY matter who will feel the force of the cuts to the detriment of everyone.

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  • The morale problem is not a new thing and cant just be associated with the recent proposed financial shake up. I have found there are two groups of people in nursing. One works very hard despite the environmental and staffing issues. And the other are never happy unless they are complaining. Having come from another profession I have found the leadership weak at all levels. Most of my senior colleagues are good clinicians. However they do not have the ability to lead or inspire.

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