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RCN consults nurses over three-year pay deal


The RCN has opened its consultation with members on the proposed 8% three-year pay deal, negotiated at the start of this month in conjunction with Unison, NHS Employers and the government.

Members can register their views through the RCN’s regional branch network and via its website until Wednesday 28th May.
RCN leaders are recommending that members accept the proposed agreement.

Dr Peter Carter, RCN general secretary, said: ‘Given the challenging economic climate and the government’s tough public sector pay policy, this deal is a fair and balanced one.

‘Not only does it offer nurses a degree of security over their household finances in the coming years, we have won a firm commitment from the government to re-open pay talks should inflation rise sharply or if there are significant changes in the labour market.’

The offer is worth 7.99% over three years but provides extra money for band five nurses by restructuring Agenda for Change pay increments in years two and three.

Unison is due to hold a ballot of members on the deal in May, and Unite/Amicus’ health sector committee is due to meet next week to discuss the proposals.


Readers' comments (30)

  • I'm sorry but again nurses still dont get a 3% yearly increase! When are the rcn going to actually do something positive to help nurses pay?

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  • What difference will it make if we are balloted? We were balloted on last years offer and our responses were ignored and the limited restricted deal for nurses in England was railroaded through.
    Will there be a difference this time? I doubt it.

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  • I dont see why they are asking for our opinions - they dont listen when we give them.
    Maybe if they stopped balotting our fees could go down? I'm only with them for the legal protection now - they are no good for anything else

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  • and can I suggest we all tell the RCN this NOW !

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  • I agree, why bother asking us what we think?, it doesn't make any difference. I love my job, and that is the problem the government take advantage of this, obviously they believe life is worth very little (unless it is theirs of course) and therefore do not feel the need to reward nurses for the care they give. I personally would like to work to rule, the police refused to back down and won, teachers are talking about going on strike is they don't get 10% (already on much higher wages). I believe our unions should stop being so kiss ass and support the people who actually pay their wages and don't want this rubbish offer, it is nothing but offensive

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  • I agree - it is simply not enough, but unless people actually are vocal in telling their unions this they may well get away with railroading it all through. How many of you are aware of the Government's threat to stage this year's rise or even ignore the Pay Review Body altogether if we do not accept the multi-year deal? That has to be blackmail! Do we let them get away with it - or will we actually stand up o them this time? If we went on strike it would only take one day!

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  • Nurses pay should definately be increased.Considering the amount of work load nurse especially those at the bed sides do.I strongly believe the unions such as Royal College of Nursing and Unison should make the Govrnment see the need for incentives especially in terms of salary and wages of Nurses across various grades.

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  • I'm only with the RCN for insurance as it offers little in the way of campaigning for the interests of nurses.

    I have never been able to understand how one of the largest professional workforces in the country is so weak when it comes to campaigning for their rights. Nurses should be yelling from the rooftops for better pay in order to boost morale and then deliver better patient care. We all love our jobs and that should be valued not exploited. Lets bring back respect for Nurses.

    I shall vote against accepting this pay deal on principle that Nurses are worse off year after year but I don't expect anything to come of it. The union will just back down and do as it's told anyway.

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  • This is not a fair offer, how can the government have such a short memory. We got railroaded last year with a ridiculous pay increase. I dont understand why we are asked for our opinion; they will ignore us again.
    Fuel , house and foodprices are soaring and we are again being left behind all other public sector workers! Our role is expanding to cover the lack of junior doctors, our job is being left for the HCA, but we are still responsible for work delegated to junior staff, isn't it about time we have a fair salary. Not to mention training and upgrades we often have to finance ourselves.

    I wouldn't mind seeing a politician surviving on a nurses salary!

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  • Yes, this deal is unfair. Yes, we deserve more. BUT, unless we are prepared to take industrial action, we are not going to get any more. I have been a nurse for over 25 years and nothing has changed in this regard. Everybody moans about our pay, very few are prepared to actually do anything about it.
    So if you aren't prepared to strike stop moaning and accept the offer!
    What we don't want is a repeat of last year - we didn't get the money until THIS year because of a reluctance to accept the award. If you factor in inflation we actually lost money by not accepting!

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