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Roger Hodgson

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Comments (180)

  • Comment on: St Mary’s Hospital transformed by 56m mural

    Roger Hodgson's comment 12 April, 2014 9:10 am

    Very nice, but how much did this cost?

  • Comment on: NHS may be guilty of institutional racism, report claims

    Roger Hodgson's comment 11 April, 2014 8:01 pm

    Colour/Ethnicity are not vital factors when filling positions... How about the best person for doing the job? Surely that is a more relevant consideration???
    Political Correctness is one of the unreasonable reasons why the NHS and this nation as a whole is going down the toilet!

  • Comment on: Details of new 'fit and proper person' test for NHS leaders unveiled

    Roger Hodgson's comment 28 March, 2014 1:20 pm

    Will this marvellous scheme apply to continuum of inappropriate, non medical Cabinet Ministers who set the budgets and ridiculous targets the equally unskilled 'Senior Managers' attempt to achieve?

  • Comment on: Hike in managers returning to NHS after redundancy pay-offs

    Roger Hodgson's comment 17 March, 2014 5:29 pm

    In a statement targeted at nursing staff, Labour health spokesman Andy Burnham said: “It will be utterly galling for nurses who’ve just had a pay cut from David Cameron to see he’s been handing out cheques like confetti to people who have now been rehired.

    “On his watch, we have seen pay-offs for managers and pay cuts for nurses,” he said.

    Perhaps Mr Burnham will explain why 13 years of New Labour administration failed to reverse Thatcher's policies, in fact they hastened the process...

    Will Miliband change the present NHS trend of employing administrative staff while our patients are left at risk on dirty, unclean, understaffed wards? I don't think so, talk is very cheap...

  • Comment on: Hike in managers returning to NHS after redundancy pay-offs

    Roger Hodgson's comment 17 March, 2014 5:18 pm

    They cannot 'justify their role', Anonymous 17-Mar-2014 2:31 pm....

    In all truth they have no role whatsoever in providing the delivery of care. The Service worked efficiently and patients were treated and discharged home safely long before these overpaid and unqualified 'managers' were gifted their posts by consecutive Tory and New Labour administrations whose agenda was and still is preparing the NHS for privatisation.

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