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Community nurses to be hit by cut in mileage rate


The rate NHS staff can claim for travel expenses is to be reduced by almost 20 per cent, which NHS Employers estimates would save the service £20m annually, it has emerged.

NHS Employers has confirmed the rate for travel reimbursements will be cut from 67p to 54p per mile from 1 July. The change is being made under a deal with NHS trade unions agreed last year, which came into effect on 1 April.

Under the deal, travel expenses are being tracked and compared every six months to estimates by the AA Motoring Costs guide. It has recently reported a reduction, due to a downward trend in car insurance cost, and vehicles’ loss of value.

The changes apply to more than one million staff under the Agenda for Change pay framework including community nurses and health visitors, but do not cover medical staff, who have a separate arrangement.

NHS Employers chief executive Dean Royles said: “This is one of those win-win agreements. Employees are now paying less for work related travel due to reductions in motoring costs.

“As a result, employers will pay fair, reduced expenses and will be able to reinvest savings back into patient services, helping the NHS and its staff manage significant demands on the NHS.”


Readers' comments (23)

  • If it is a win win situation then why doesnt it cover medical staff yet again !

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  • Well - blame the Unions for negotiating this.

    However, I do have to say that I work in the voluntary sector and there we get 40p per mile. The voluntary sector does tend to work more efficiently for on is reasons, so you are lucky to have previously got much more.

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  • Car Insurance cheaper?
    Oh no no no no!

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  • I use a push bike and never got a thing! Put in extra hours to cover wear and tear.

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  • District nurses in our area already do not have time for meal beaks or coffee breaks, and have to work at home beyond their hours consistently to write up notes and many rely on the mileage to make up their meager salary... so thanks a bunch.

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  • The 67p rate agreed less than 12 months ago I believe? So why no mention then of this then I wonder? Also if all the relevant motor agencies were consulted at that point why the decrease? My car insurance isn't cheaper, nor is my diesel and neither are my maintenance bills! Another Dick Turpin move against the lower wage earners of the NHS whilst the medical staff continue to be nicely protected; bravo senior NHS bods. Revolution will come!

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  • What concerns me is that the unions, who we pay are negotiating things like this is secret. Why do we members not know of the proposals until after a deal has been accepted? I cannot understand why anything is permitted to be 'top secret' between management and union reps. Surely of they represent us we should know what is being negotiated on. We have only just had one major change in mileage payments thrust upon how would we know another was on the cards?

    Admittedly we are still better off than careers who are not paid travel expenses or even travel time. Just hope that unions are not having secret talks about that next.

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  • Does this mean that we can now ask to use Works cars and not our own

    I am a CPN and I have to use my own car as the Trust I work for will NOT supply automatic cars

    Any ideas guys?

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  • that's sooo funny. I haven't seen a reduction in car insurance, my maintainance for the car hasn't reduced and is likey to go up as last year I estimated 15,000 miles [ and yes I am aware they are not all work miles] and I like to know where they getting those costings from in our trust we get 45p an mile.

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  • I would like to see these trade unions who agree on things that affect me personally!!!

    The NHS took away the regular users allowance, they paid us 44p a mile for several years even when the price of petrol went up to nearly £1.40pr ltr.

    Yes, they paid me 69p per mile for the first 3500 miles then reduced the payment to 24p per mile. Working in a rural area our team’s mileage rockets per year. I only use my car for work, hence all the cost of my car are down to me, yes I pay for my own car to work for the NHS. If I have an accident at work the NHS doesn’t pay anything towards my increased costs.
    I pay for my petrol out of my wages, hence I have to put money by to pay for petrol, most people only have to pay for travelling to and from work.
    So yes, we are saving the tax payers money but at a cost to ourselves.
    I am all for saving money! I don’t even mind not having my lunch or going home late, being exhausted, giving my patients 100% going the extra mile, being caring and compassionate, but surely this legalised mugging has got to stop somewhere??
    If only I could down tools and say enough’s, enough….

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