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Read the transcript from today's webchat with Dr Peter Carter: the future of nursing


Dr Peter Carter, the Royal College of Nursing’s Chief Executive and General Secretary, chatted with us live about the future of nursing: health reforms and nurse commissioning. You can read the transcript here

To read the transcript, go to

You can follow the conversation about our webchats on twitter using #NTwebchat.


Readers' comments (26)

  • what about - what will the percentage of nurses be on the clinical senates that are going to advise commissioning boards?

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  • As I said in my email Jenni, I hope to be able to contribute if I am awake after my night shift. However, if I am not, please tell Peter Carter that a lot of Nurses think the RCN, and him in particular, are not fit for purpose and have a LOT to answer for, so I hope that he answers honestly, and without resorting to the evasive rhetoric and party lines that the secretary general of the NMC did last week.

    On the topic of the listening excercise, what are the specific demands the RCN made to government to stop or change the process during the listening exercise, and what specifically did they do, or are they doing to ensure that happens? Since it seems to us that the government just went ahead with what they wanted anyway?

    If the RCN is playing such a large role in the listening reforms, then why do a vast number of Nurses 'on the ground' so to speak, feel like they are not being represented at all? Why do we not know about what is happening? Why are we not involved more in terms of ballots etc? Why are the RCN not more vocal?

    Nursing as a profession should be running the new NHS borads EQUALLY alongside GPs, hospital Doctors and other healthcare professionals, so why does Peter Carter think it is acceptable to role over and declare victory at a single token Nurse that will not necessarily have much, if any, say?

    Why is much stronger action not being taken to give the Nursing profession a stronger, clearer voice in the new NHS reforms?

    Why is Peter Carter not listening to his members and scrapping the no strike policy? He has a clear demand and a clear mandate to do so, is it not his job to follow the orders of his members? Nurses need and want to strike, as your own polls show, Jenni, for a whole variety of reasons including this listening excercise, pay, working conditions, etc. That is why Nursing is now a timebomb of rising anger, frustration and resentment. Why is our only dedicated Nursing union completely ignoring that and allowing the status quo to continue?

    Or on another topic which is important to us, why are the RCN not protecting Nurses and allowing the NMC to act as witchfinder generals in many cases against individual Nurses instead of going after those who enforce working conditions on us? (ie the managers and trusts). You could ask him despite his rhetoric and despite the 'official' guidance, why do so many Nurses still feel that they are not protected and would face dire consequences for whistleblowing, as we KNOW from experience and high profile cases, that the RCN do nothing?

    And finally what are his honest opinions on many of the comments on the site, and many Nurses (including myself) leaving the RCN for UNISON due to a general feeling amongst the profession that the RCN will not protect us, will not represent us, and will not take any action on the issues that affect us?

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  • nadine woogara

    Thanks for these Mike, we'll definitely put one if not more of these forward on Friday.

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  • The only thing I want to ask Carter is when is he going to resign?

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  • the rcn is a waste of space put this to carter!

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  • does mr carter get to read all the comments, unedited?

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  • Totally agree with the three anons above me, Carter should be made to read all the comments on here, as well as the comments on other threads about him and the RCN specifically, so he can see JUST how angry and fed up Nurses are with the RCN!!

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  • once again I work at that time. so unable to particpate.

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  • I don't think the RCN is a total waste of space. They do a lot of good work, especially in the advanced practice arena.
    However, nurse representation by the RCN leaves a lot to be desired. I work in Australia because redundancy was looming in the UK. The RCN took a mild view of my dilemma and appeared to take the 'party line' of redundancy being inevitable when cuts were about to occur.Nevertheless unless the RCN formulates better strategies in representing nurses the negativity will continue.
    Get out there and be seen to be doing. Less talking and more doing. There is no future in nursing in the UK unless the major nursing organisations start fighting for the profession, with the profession and not appearing to be remote bystanders.

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  • Anonymous | 5-Jul-2011 10:45 am

    does mr carter get to read all the comments, unedited?

    This was a question for NT? Please may I have an answer?

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