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Call for NMC to strengthen revalidation portfolio checks


The Nursing and Midwifery Council must strengthen the way it proposes to verify registrants under its new system of competency checks in order to ensure public protection, a union has warned.

Unite said it wanted to see the new revalidation process improved to avoid “slipping back” to a situation similar to the current system – post registration education and practise (PREP).

Under PREP, nurses declare they have met the required standards and the NMC checks a sample of around 4% of the register.

“The reflective discussion is such a key part of the process - to ignore this makes no sense”

Obi Amadi

Unite said it wanted the NMC to confirm that under revalidation, as part of its verification checks, it would contact the individual who had held a reflective discussion with the person revalidating.

Additional requirements for revalidation mean nurses and midwives will be required to have a reflective discussion about their practice with another NMC registrant, as well as having all of their portfolio signed off – or confirmed – by a third party.

The confirmer can carry out the reflective discussion if they are registered with the NMC, but if not the person revalidating will have to find someone else.

Revised draft guidance on revalidation released last week by the NMC said it will select a “sample” of nurses for verifying revalidation portfolios and that this will involve contacting their confirmers.

“Our draft guidance states clearly that we will indeed contact all confirmers during the verification process”

NMC spokeswoman

But in cases where the confirmer has not carried out the reflective discussion, the NMC said it “may” check with the person who did have this conversation.

Unite lead professional officer Obi Amadi said: “We appreciate that the NMC does not have the resources to check all the registrants’ evidence, but when it does follow-up on a random sample, we want them to definitely check all the evidence with the confirmer or the professional who carried out the registrant’s reflective discussion.”

She added: “The reflective discussion is such a key part of the process – to ignore this makes no sense.

Obi Amadi, Unite

Obi Amadi

“If this does not happen, we risk slipping back to something akin to the previous system of PREP when registrants were able to self-validate by ticking the appropriate boxes to say they were fit to practise.”

An NMC spokeswoman said: “The NMC is confident that the process of revalidation being considered for introduction is effective, proportionate and achievable.

“We are surprised that Unite has raised this concern as our draft guidance states clearly that we will indeed contact all confirmers during the verification process,” she said.

Nurses and midwives will be required to complete revalidation every three years in order to renew their registration.

The NMC council meets tomorrow to finalise guidance and standards for revalidation and decide whether to launch the new system in April as planned.


Readers' comments (19)

  • In that case the fees will go up again in order for it to do so. There will be some excuse or some ridiculous nonsense but that's what will happen.

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  • Remember PREP How many knew of 1 nurse who had to submit a portfolio
    Correction How many knew 1 nurse who HAD a PREP portfolio
    Fees up to £150 next year perhaps. NMC staff up from 700 to 900 to cope
    However many it will still not be fit for purpose

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  • house arrests at 4am by the MNMC, increase the fees by thousands

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  • I can't see how this will be bullet proof either. The loop hole being if the person revalidating is 'friends' with the confirmer who is to say this actual reflective discussion actually took place? The only true means of assessment is for the NMC to check everyone's portfolio & in concurring with the above unless they raise the fees & increase the NMC staff to cope with the demand this is never going to happen. So far we have seen you need to do 'this' then changed to having to do 'that', the NMC needs to get its act together & decide once & for all what revalidation will entail. Quite frankly I am tired of hearing about it now, please NMC save it until you decide what it is you actually want. We are told this will come into play by 2016, I pity those staff who this will involve, they must be tearing their hair out.

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  • I feel that I am going around in amaze with this revalidation, as there is numerous changes every time I open something up involving nursing. Its at a point that clear guidelines should have been implemented within our profession, as some people still are not clear in what process need to be followed. In relation to portfolio signing of there should be random checks for example 20% each year to ensure the portfolio is meeting the necessary criteria. Please please get it organised!!!

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  • Friend's of friend's.Ward managers checking their own staff etc.No independant confirmer's.So it all prove's what ?

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  • Pussy

    Anon 9:54 It all proves it's a total travesty of the first order. There will be backhanders paid to invalidators and clinical standards will plummet. It's going to be a real disaster.

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  • john warwick

    How can the NMC do this when they can not even screen out the fake nurses from the third world countries? give me a break, and what right does unite have question the NMC? they claim to have 100k members in healthcare but are not specific as to the number of nurses in their union. why are you wasting our time unision and rcn are the only unions that count . get your facts straight before you waste our time getting upset over dribble

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  • If guidelines have been set to follow, each nurse has a duty to practice in accordance, not only by NMC guidelines but within their trust, why is this really needed? It is going to be interesting to see how agency nurses will be re validated. Is this another scheme to frustrate the nursing fraternity, a group who is already overworked and underpaid?

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  • Why are nurses always so negative :(

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