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Doctors vote for industrial action over pensions


UK doctors have voted strongly in favour of taking industrial action for the first time since 1975, over the government’s planned changes to the NHS pension.

A ballot of 104,544 medics by the British Medical Association resulted in a turnout of more than 50% with doctors voting overwhelmingly in favour of taking industrial action.

The BMA council will meet today to discuss the outcome of the ballot and decide on the next steps. But any industrial action in response to the ballot must take place within the next four weeks.

The ballot consisted of six separate votes for GPs, consultants, junior doctors, speciality medics, occupational medicine doctors, and public health and community doctors.

In total 52,133 doctors voted on the question of taking industrial action - a turnout of 49.8%. A similar figure of 52,068 voted on the question of strike action.

The largest support for action came from junior doctors who voted by 92% in favour of industrial action with a total of 12,041 votes cast. A total of 81.9% of junior doctors voted in favour of strike action with 12,040 votes cast.

Consultants voted 84.2% in favour of industrial action, and 73% for strike action, with more than 18,600 votes cast.

GPs also supported industrial action with 78.9% in favour and 63.3% in favour of strike action, on more than 17,400 votes cast.

Speciality doctors voted 87% in favour of action and 76% in favour of a strike on more than 3,450 votes cast.

Occupational medicine doctors voted 39% in favour of action and 34% in favour of strike, on 41 votes cast.

Public health and community doctors voted 75% in favour of action and 60% in favour of strike on more than 390 votes cast.


Readers' comments (35)

  • It is great that the BMA members are showing a united front and fighting this - it is just very disappointing that they choose to do it alone and not with all the other healthcare professionals who also face the same planned changes. One might say 'who can blame them' when the members of the other healthcare unions are too lethargic to even vote!!

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  • RCN take note!!!!

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  • tinkerbell

    Some good news at last. Well done doctors. Will make you a nice cup of tea next time i see you on the ward might even throw in a biscuit.

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  • And this is what happens people when you have a strong, unified profession and a strong union with teeth.

    What will happen now, is the doctors will WIN their fight, and continue with the same pension arrangements and perhaps even get a better pay deal out of it, whilst nursing will fall back into obscurity thanks to its innate bitchiness, apathy and general pathetic inadequacies of nurses in general in fighting for the profession.

    I agree with the first anon that it is a shame the GMC, BMA and the doctors did not throw their combined weight into the mix when other health care professions were doing the same, we might have got somewhere then, but as anon said, who the hell can blame them after the shambles our profession churned up?

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  • They may not get far with striking because Lansley hates them too; not quite as much as he hates us though!!

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  • Anonymous | 30-May-2012 6:02 pm, agreed, Lansley hates them, but he is a lot more scared of them than he is of us because they stick together as a profession, their union and professional body have real teeth and political clout, and they are not afraid to use it.

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  • Lanslay does not hate nurses - he considers us an irrelevance, and politically speaking he is right.

    I wondered where our collective spine went - we gave it to the medics! Wake up nurses - time to get politically active.


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  • Wonder if Dr (Mrs) Lansley will go on strike? That'd be a slap in the face for her hubbie! Or will she withdraw her labours in other areas ( ahem!) forcing Andy to get caught in a basement dungeon with an orange in his gob, hanging from the rafters by his old school tie whilst being spanked by a Nazi dominatrix. Come back News of the World, all is forgiven!
    All joking aside, well done the medics, however, if they succeed they may reduce our pensions even more to make up for the shortfall

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  • I hope the GP's of the likes of Lansley and cameron withdraw their labour, when either of them and rest of 'the posh boys' become ill.
    We've been 'seen off' over the past thirty years,or so, with the hypocrite in westminister, and no mistake.

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  • it will increase waiting lists and the backlog of work which is already totally unacceptable. it will put further strain on the services still running and on the nurses already complaining of shortage of staff below safe levels.

    if doctors can just go on strike and consider all this unimportant perhaps the services of many of them are not needed at all and can be done without.

    all healthcare professionals and other service workers should think of how such action would affect their own health, mental stress and level of anxiety and their life and job if they were put in the same precarious situation they are putting the general public and patients in if they became injured or ill and required treatment which was subject to such delays or neglect.

    Hopefully this will not all come to pass at a time when the numbers in the UK swell due to the Olympics and the tourist season as there are enough problems with many other deficient services which may be unable to cope as it is and will do nothing, during a economic crisis, to help make our country attractive to tourism and enhance that industry to help boost the economy. Everybody thinking of strike action is simply fuelling our problems by pulling the economy on a further downward spiral instead of contributing to it in a more positive manner and allowing it time to recover which affects not only themselves but everybody else as well in the many other sectors of society who may have not even contributed to such a disaster.

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