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Exclusive: Who will Nursing Times readers be voting for?


Nearly half of Nursing Times readers will be voting for Labour in the general election this week, our poll has indicated.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been asking visitors to to tell us who they are likely to be voting for ahead of the election on 7 May.

Based on the views of over 550 respondents, the poll suggests 47% will be voting Labour, making it by far the most popular choice.

The next most popular party was the Conservatives, with 10% of the vote, but 17% of people say they are still undecided.


General election 2015

Nursing Times has carried out a poll of over 500 nurses




Readers' comments (13)

  • I have absolutely no idea why a nurse would vote conservative.

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  • The consideration for voting Conservative is that if Labour get in and borrow again we will have to loose any benefits we get in the next five years if the conservatives get back in in 2020.

    Though having said that I still have no idea who to vote for!!

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  • The conservatives were left with a huge problem and everyone had to suffer to put it right, if labout get in we will feel the benefit temporarily and then have to start all over again when they bankrupt us again. We are not the only ones to suffer. There is a problem also because of the huge number of migrants using the NHS because our economy is thriving and theirs is not.

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  • We need the greatly talked about health commission to take control of the NHS. An amalgamation of all of the major parties, together with input from professionals, to de-politisis the NHS and stop it being a political football at every election.

    We all know that promises will be made and then broken. Be they carved in stone or not!!!

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  • The economy effects everybody;ultimately somebody will have to fund the benefit system and it is usually those in employment, the higher rate tax threshold (which is not very high) will most likely be altered by labour to finance the welfare system, is this what we want, I have been a nurse and midwife for thirty five years and I will be voting conservative as I can remember what a mess the labour party have got this country in.

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  • i dont belive labour will offer me any more than the conservatives but I do believe they will ruin the finances.I also believe if labour get in the scottish nationalists will be the tail that wags the dog

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  • as an expat of more that 15 years I no longer have the right to vote and nor would I wish to for any of this circus and certainly not for Milliband or Farage or Sturgeon who are all so full of their own self-importance.

    I still support Conservatives as I believe they are on the right track, I like Cameron and I feel another change of parties leading the country will just undo all the work already done and cause further turmoil, greater instability, and detonation of all of the already existing problems. Tory policy seems sound and people seem to forget that change and improvements cannot happen overnight. Many were at the Conservatives throats as soon as they came into power and many because they are poorly educated in politics and only support working class labour because that is what their families before them have always done or are influenced by the area in which they live or are envious of their privileged education and background. I would also vote Conservative for all the reasons outlined by

    Anonymous | 7-May-2015 5:18 pm

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  • Honestly cannot understand why any nurse would vote UKIP, their policies oppose all nursing values that underpin care.

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  • Dont see that UKIP undermine nursing values. All "Values" are open to interpretaion and debate and all nurses are different with differing values and beliefs with dare I say it with widely differing views about the NHS. I see masses of abuse of the NHS from many different sections of society and it will have to change otherwise it would just suck up every penny raised in taxation. I quite like their idea on introducing SENs again. No I didnt vote for them.

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  • I agree with the person who said we need an amalgamation of all parties together with input from professionals to take control of the NHS.

    The last 5 years has been hell for the NHS, the next 5 will be also, if we even have an NHS left by the end of it. We've staffing slashed year in, year out, to keep budget cuts.

    One community teams has in the past four years swallowed up another area and had its team cut from 23 to 12. The average working day has crept up to 11 - 12 hrs. For all teams record keeping happens after patient contact hours, often after they go home. People continue with all the unpaid work because they care, but they end up cracking under the stress and leave. Those that leave are not replaced.

    It is wrong that patient care is the bargaining chip each time we change political parties.

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