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Most nurses believe trusts would renege on job security deal


More than 80 per cent of nurses believe their trust would fail to honour a proposed deal not to make compulsory redundancies over the next two years if they agreed to forego a pay rise, according to an exclusive poll by Nursing Times.

The government’s pay negotiator NHS Employers has proposed freezing increments for two years from April in exchange for a “no compulsory redundancy” agreement.

All Agenda for Change staff would have their increments frozen, but only those in pay bands one to six earning up to £34,189 would benefit from the “no compulsory redundancy” agreement.

At least 12 chief executives have so far added their names to a letter circulated by NHS Employers to garner formal support from trusts for the deal, which is likely to be agreed at a local level by union representatives and individual trusts.

However, early results from an online poll of nearly 1,500 Nursing Times readers suggests the profession has little faith in their employers’ willingness or ability to honour the deal, if it was agreed at their trust.

A quarter of respondents said they had no confidence at all that their organisation would honour its side of the bargain and make no compulsory redundancies, due to a “bad track record on honesty”.

A further 56 per cent said they were not very confident their employer would keep to the agreement, as “nothing was sacred in the present climate”.

Add your opinion on the proposed deal by completing the Nursing Times survey.


Readers' comments (36)

  • Of course they wouldn't honour the bloody deal, we are not stupid! If this goes ahead now, and they are allowed to simply cut our pay, they will find another way to re-word the deal in 2 years time so we still get no security, and they will probably try it all over again!

    We have to stop this now!!!

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  • The results speak for themselves. If we concede to this then we set a new benchmark for ourselves as doormats and whipping boys. No-one's going to wipe their feet on me without a fight!

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  • We'll all be asking where we can go for a hot meal and a wash in a couple of years at this rate!

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  • Dear editor, why dont you do a poll to determine how many would consider industrial action?

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  • The point is that increments are a way of paying new starters at lower rates. They now just want to reduce the pay of everyone coming into the NHS and effectively cut the pay for the NHS until eventually the only rates are bottom of the scale and we've had a 20-30% pay cut brought in through the back door.

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  • Check out my blog post to see how much the 'dastardly dozen' earn!


    Rob Munro

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  • Who can they sack? we have barely safe levels of staff as it is. Its a bluff. Bring it on I say. When the inquests start they will know

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  • Why don't the government step in and take the NHS back to its roots from where it came? No individual should earn more than the top clinicians, remove the layers of middle managers/ accountants etc and get back to basics. How any individual can earn salaries into 100k who decide that treatments are too costly or deem that less qualified staff can substitute trained staff be allowed to work in trusts makes a sad mockery of affairs. What goes around comes around- as a patient I would feel much safer knowing that funds where directed to healthcare not paperchasers.

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  • Well when the two years of increment and %age freeze are over most people will be in a foundation trust with their TUPE conditions more than likely ended after two years and then foundation trusts can pay you and grade you what they want because they are not tied to AfC so look out for pay cuts and job cuts in the future because if you think it is bad just now.......

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  • As a grade 7 CNS, I would go along with a pay freeze on my increments if I knew for certain that those at the top were also taking a cut. It is far more difficult for those on a lower wage to see that as a country we are in a mess and as such need to help out where possible. With the rate of inflation and possibly interest rates too increasing over the next 2 years life will be tough. Those on a higher wage (management and I include those modern matrons in this category, a waste of money they spend all their time in meetings) are in a better position to take cuts in pay or even redundancy than those at the bottom, the ones that actually do the hands on nursing.

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