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Sandwell and West Birmingham Trust

'Ward matrons' to manage care 24/7 at Sandwell trust


Sandwell and West Birmingham Trust is planning to create “ward matrons” in a bid to balance budgets and improve care quality.

Although the position will combine the roles of “ward manager” nurses and matrons, it will be appointed on Agenda for Change pay band 8a – the same as an ordinary matron post.

April board papers say: “Currently ward managers have just one day per week to do their management role. The rest of their time is spent as part of the ward clinical numbers, working to a Band 5/6 level.”

Matrons, meanwhile support ward managers in their leadership role, but also co-ordinate resources, performance monitoring and patient flows across wards.

In the new structure, ward matrons will combine the roles, supported by senior sisters or charge nurses at pay band seven.

Both posts will work throughout the 24 hour period – currently most ward managers and matrons only work during the day from Monday to Friday.

For an average of 34 bed ward, “leadership capacity will increase from a total of 22.5 hours per week to 52.5 hours per week approximately”.

The papers said the proposals are expected to be implemented in full by July.

The total cost of the plan is £676,305. This is to pay for two assistant heads of nursing on pay band 8a, three band three carers, five matrons at band 8a, and 5.9 whole time equivalent staff nurses at band five.


Readers' comments (3)

  • Brilliant.......NO NO NO NO in total 7 X band 8 and 5.9 Xband 5 .......There are far too many people working at high grades such as this who will be flying off to meeting after meeting and going off on their jollies whilst the ward staff are left struggling......Why can't these fools get it right........ It is incredulous!

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  • 'Matrons, meanwhile support ward managers in their leadership role, but also co-ordinate resources, performance monitoring and patient flows across wards.'

    This sentence here shows what a colossal waste of money the Matron is. Any Band 6 worth their salt does this every day. Each 'job' on the Matrons list is already done by one ( sometimes more) people anyway!
    I do the electronic rostering for my ward ( another waste of money), the 'infallible' computer churns out the off duty so the skill mix is correct, blah de blah, which takes a lot longer than the old pen and paper style. Matron then gets the fancy print out and she then changes it around as she thinks the skill mix is unsuitable, despite never having worked with any of the staff on my unit ( who have all been here for at least 5 years anyway), and she hands me back the heavily edited off duty, which then has to be reentered into the computer. A few unnecessaary steps there don't you think? Well, what daft old matron doesn't know, is that for the past 18 months all I have been giving her is old printouts with the date changed, feck all of my time is wasted, and I'll be back on the ward lending a hand. This month I'll be using the data from Sept 2011, whilst this idiot does the off duty for the staff and I look after some patients. YOU COULDN'T MAKE IT UP! Remember, 50% of Matrons have less than average intelligence!

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  • "matron
    n noun
    1 a woman in charge of domestic and medical arrangements at a boarding school or other establishment. ØBritish the woman in charge of the nursing in a hospital (official term now senior nursing officer). Øchiefly United States a female prison officer.
    2 a married woman, typically one who is dignified or staid.

    matronhood noun
    matronly adjective

    Middle English: from Old French matrone, from Latin matrona, from mater, matr- 'mother'."

    COED 11th Ed


    Matron | Define Matron at

    a married woman, especially one who is mature and staid or dignified and has an established social position. 2. a woman who has charge of the domestic affairs ...


    Urban Dictionary: old bag

    A haggard, perpetually grumpy, good for nothing elderly woman.



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