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Rosemary Gondwe Mazhandu

Rosemary Gondwe Mazhandu


Registered General Nurse


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  • Comment on: Care row court case 'reveals urgent need to define nursing'

    Rosemary Gondwe Mazhandu's comment 16 August, 2017 9:08 pm

    We do not need to define what nursing is. We should pay more attention on the care each individual client needs. We can not all be bosses. Roles have to be singled out to who does what, not with this issue of that we work as a team, as this way I find at the end no one is accountable for their actions. People are getting away with so much laziness and uncaring attitudes because the system allows it. I am a nurse on duty, its my overall respossibility to see to the proper care of my clients, I deligate to my subbordinates according to capabilities and skill mix. We did away with bedside nurses who were brilliant in delivery of basic care which is very very important as this meant being with the client longer and knowing their needs. We need more staff that are committed to delivery of basic care. Its a shame that one feels rushed when delivering care as you have to go through alot with a limited number of staff at your disposal.

  • Comment on: Draft nurse education plans include over 70 technical skills

    Rosemary Gondwe Mazhandu's comment 16 March, 2017 2:46 am

    What kind of Nurses has the country been producing at Degree level? Iam really shocked that Nurses have not had training in the subjects mentioned like, catheterisation, naso gastric, IV drugs, prescribing. All this was done during my training in 1980- 83.

  • Comment on: Nursing home residents need more activities to ‘thrive’

    Rosemary Gondwe Mazhandu's comment 27 February, 2017 7:24 pm

    This has been long overdue. Activities is what is needed as there is a lot of loneliness in the homes, with too many restrictions and bland diets which leave residents not eating. I had the belief that care homes are just there for safety purposes when one is not able to tend to themselves but be in an environment which can provide that and continue to live their life style they wish to live had their safety not been compromised. In my old age I don't want to diet. All i want is to eat what I like, sleep for as long as I want.All this can be achieved by having more staff at hand.

  • Comment on: Nurse burnout exacerbated by disrespectful colleagues

    Rosemary Gondwe Mazhandu's comment 22 October, 2016 3:19 pm

    This discussion has long been overdue. Iam happy that we are now being realistic with the way things are happening in our day to day working environment.
    One thing I wish to point out and emphasise upon is not mixing business with pleasure. Friendship where work is concerned should come second as it tends to have negative implications on the deliverance of care. I may be old fashioned in the way that I approach my work but I can assure everyone that one needs to know their limitations. When people come to work they should simply do that and not expect to be policed all the time. In my time if a manager was on your back or case all the time then you were not performing your duties according to their expectations. This also brings about the rudiness of colleagues at work. Do your job that you applied for well and no one will bother you.

  • Comment on: Exclusive: First nursing associate cohort to double

    Rosemary Gondwe Mazhandu's comment 30 September, 2016 3:45 am

    I agree with Robin what we need is more HCA who are able and willing to do basic nursing care. As it is now there have been senior care assistants and senior nursing assistants who have been given the role of giving medicines to clients and taking blood, catheterisations etc, these groups Iam sorry to mention this as it might upset some but they tend to forget their job roles and become nurses and start ordering nurses about forgeting to do their job which is practically basic care and being support to nurses. The NMC and those that are responsible for creating these roles should go to the drawing board again before things get out of hand.

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