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Rosemary Woodard

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Comments (6)

  • Comment on: Why are so many student nurses experiencing “bad” placements?

    Rosemary Woodard's comment 5 September, 2018 8:58 am

    I'm hoping CLIPP will catch on and there will be a culture of life long learning and mentorship on the wards again.
    Senior members of ward teams are always chased for results, but not always supported in delivering those results.

    Encouraging imaginative leadership and devolved teaching plans might put wards back on track.

  • Comment on: Student nurses in Devon pioneer taking over running of ward

    Rosemary Woodard's comment 5 September, 2018 8:54 am

    Nothing new here. We did this throughout our training and qualified ready to take on the role of registered nurse.
    But I'm not complaining, it's high time Benner came back in fashion. (Novice to expert)

  • Comment on: Alert issued after cardiac arrests in hyperkalaemia patients

    Rosemary Woodard's comment 9 August, 2018 11:21 am

    Seriously? People don't know?
    Training issue?

  • Comment on: Trust refuses donation from ‘men dressed as nurses’

    Rosemary Woodard's comment 24 August, 2017 7:33 am

    Can't agree that they were demeaning nurses. For a start it is only a nod to a nurses uniform. And they don't actually look like Any nurses I've met. Secondly they didn't make any effort to impersonate nurses or suggest they could actually nurse people.
    I have far more concern over the 'sexy nurse' outfits available at fancy dress outlets or sexy nurse strippers etc the list goes on.
    These people went out of their way to help and this ceo went out of her way to be offensive.

  • Comment on: Mid-career nurses leaving register is ‘most worrying,’ says NMC chief

    Rosemary Woodard's comment 4 July, 2017 1:49 pm

    In the sixties and seventies onwards academics strove hard to get the research and knowledge base of nursing recognised and confirm our status as professionals. Enrolled nurses, less academic but still trained and assessed to national standards were phased out. So we are left with nurses trained to be supervisory care managers, critical thinkers, researched based, with no care givers to supervise. So all these highly qualified people are now working in low banded roles.
    We have a rewards framework which has been eroded for cost saving so that ward managers, originally band 7 are now frequently band 6.
    So, pay restraints for over seven years, restriction of the potential for improvement, removal of the bursary, vacant posts and continual failure to agree on or meet safe staffing levels. How to unpick a profession in easy stages.

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