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Sally Hopkins

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  • Comment on: Survey finds NHS staff feel ‘undervalued’ and ‘overwhelmed’

    Sally Hopkins's comment 1 October, 2015 2:45 pm

    Absolutely nothing has changed then in 18 years!! When my Pin lapsed in 1997 I didn't renew it as I felt totally stressed out with staff shortages, masses of unpaid overtime,(time owing was put in a book and never recovered!) I felt totally undervalued.Patients were continually moving wards and shuffled from place to place!
    I decided to return to practie and updated my Pin last year.
    Guess what?
    I'm not going anywhere NEAR the NHS. But I have joined an agency recently and the pay is £20-25 per shift to work on an NHS ward, depending on where you are placed.
    As a Band 5 level nurse what hourly rate would I get NHS?
    Probably wouldn't be £25 an hour.
    Until the low wages are addressed and benefits restored no-one will stay.
    My Mum was a Sister in a long stay NHS hospital for years- we got a house that went with her job and then got the right to buy.
    Those were the days!!!!

  • Comment on: Care home abuse allegations increasing under 'strained' system

    Sally Hopkins's comment 12 August, 2015 8:52 am

    All private nursing home owners are in the business because it is lucrative.I have found that staffing numbers are frequently at the minimum to provide care,staff are run off their feet and bells go all day long but the vast majority of carers are like those mentioned above-working a huge amount of hours with loving and caring attitudes.
    Is it abuse if a bell goes unanswered for 20-25 minutes and a resident is incontinent because of lack of staff? I think it is!
    Is it abuse when vulnerable residents (often those who cannot communicate and object) are washed and dressed at 6 in the morning because there are 40 residents and 4 carers (day staff) on duty?
    Most definitely-institutional abuse.
    Is it EVER going to change?
    Not until private nursing home owners are put in the spotlight and their businesses investigated so that they are accountable.
    In poorly run homes where profits are high there is often huge staff turnover, low wages,staff working 70 hours a week etc.These are the things CQC should be looking at- how homes are run and managed as well as care provided.

  • Comment on: Care home sector facing nurse recruitment crisis

    Sally Hopkins's comment 5 July, 2015 4:15 pm

    I work in a care home and I get paid more than I would in NHS! At interview I explained I can't do nights or Sundays and my care home is fine with this!
    As a single working Mum I can't do nights but internal rotation in a lot of NHS jobs mean NHS is a non starter for me.
    I very rarely have to cover a shift due to sickness as carers always turn up as they don't want to let their colleagues and the residents down.

  • Comment on: Exclusive: Scanner could be 'game changer' in pressure ulcer prevention

    Sally Hopkins's comment 22 April, 2015 10:38 am

    I think this is a great invention! I think we need to still be using our eyes though-it's important not to lose traditional skills of observation and knowledge and not just rely on 'the machine says....'
    Also it can put the highlight on poor nursing care within the care home sector.Some nursing Home managers refuse dynamic air mattress systems due to expense.This invention would finish the excuse of:
    "It's not our fault there is a pressure sore-the resident came in with the damage already!" Because a hospital on discharge of a patient could guarantee they were free from pressure damage on transfer.

  • Comment on: Care home nurses say their education and training needs are ‘neglected’

    Sally Hopkins's comment 19 April, 2015 7:04 pm

    I LOVE working in a care home setting as I love working with older people and strive to contribute to a real quality of life for them in many different ways.I really feel the need for more educational input and would welcome the chance to have access to NHS courses and train alongside NHS colleagues to update my clinical skills.
    I really want to do an NHS course in wound care/tissue viability, blood taking, male catheterisation and end of life care.
    The only 'training' I get in the care home is Health and Safety (same thing,year in year out!) SOVA and Fire Training plus medication.That's pretty much it!!
    I would love to do a specialist training course,maybe similar to ENB 998 but there just doesn't seem to be the opportunity.
    I can't afford to pay for this stuff myself and the Care Home sector is mainly private owners who are in it for profit not to educate nurses!!
    As long as you have a PIN number (even if it's a rusty old one!!) they are covered and they will keep avoiding the issue of further training in care homes until forced to by Government.
    Nurses in Care Homes should be able to access one course (paid for by their employer) every year to update wherever they feel they need to.
    If it's down to Care Home owners it will be a non-starter!!!

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