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Staff nurse

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  • Comment on: Nearly third of nurses often think of quitting, reveals NHS survey

    Sammy's comment 18 March, 2019 9:24 pm

    I left my post January, bullying was one reason, lack of accountability from health care staff the other, both could effect my registration. I highlighted the issues, but it seemed as though managers are either tied, and cannot do anything about it or they dont want to rock the boat
    Again so sad, as 8 loved my job

  • Comment on: Nearly half of NHS staff say there are not enough staff to be safe

    Sammy's comment 18 March, 2019 9:16 pm

    There is a huge problem, I’ve had to leave one division of the nhs in January, and I loved my job. I had a good manager and she fought for staff, but I work agency as well and there are so many departments I won’t go due to low level of staff.
    The acuity of patient is higher coupled with shortage of staff has made me fear for my NMC pin no.
    We also need to bring in registration for health care assistance, as I have found some of them not doing the job they are paid to do which again makes me fear for my pin.
    It saddens me coz my patients deteriation in care and my increased anxiety has forced me out.
    I wish someone could step in and help I feel the situation so desperate

  • Comment on: NHS trusts turning to healthcare assistants to ‘plug nursing shortfall’

    Sammy's comment 5 February, 2019 7:22 pm

    I agree with above,they are not accountable and it’s very difficult to rely on some of them to do a proper job.
    Reasons for the rise is also for safe staffing levels which have been introduced, plus the acuity of patients have increased. There is also a lot of specialising of patients one to one supervision is an increasing necessity due to dementia falls risk etc.

  • Comment on: Study reveals link between 12-hour shifts and delayed obs

    Sammy's comment 5 February, 2019 7:14 pm

    My experience with HCAs and patient care is the lack of accountability, they get a really good wage but a lot of carers don’t even want to be there. It can be so frustrating I’ve found myself looking for staff,they either sneak out to smoke or congeregate in cloakroom on their phones and having a chat, at the same time complaining about staff nurses not doing enough to help.
    The nhs really need to look at some form of accountability for HCA,s, they get good training, and support but don’t want to do the job.
    You may think I’m overgeneralising, you may be right but you will find the above scenario in every ward you walk onto.The rest of us are so busy we are unable to police the problem.
    As for long shifts we do like them and we should only work 2 and 1 shift pattern but you will have to speek to ward managers to comply with safe working arrangements for that. The other reason people want long shifts is to be able to work extra hours either overtime or agency.

  • Comment on: An alternative model for practice learning based on coaching

    Sammy's comment 2 January, 2019 8:19 am

    Sounds great, as a mentor I have allocated whole bay to third year students max of 6 for several years. My experience showed that these nurses were not in a position to actually qualify with confidence. Each student I had give me positive feed back. One saying where have you been during my training. Constant support and training given throughout their placement.

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