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Sandra Robinson

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Comments (8)

  • Comment on: Mixed-sex wards to be eliminated this year

    Sandra Robinson's comment 17 August, 2010 1:01 pm

    I was admitted to a mixed sex bay a couple of years ago and was very upset, I did not want to be nursed in a mixed sex bay and if possible not a mixed sex ward! My mother was also admitted to a mixed sex ward (the ones with lots of initials because we had to reach targets and that was a way round it!) and was mortified! We need to respect people's dignity and privacy and this should not be happening.

  • Comment on: Nursing support for vulnerable mothers could be axed

    Sandra Robinson's comment 17 August, 2010 12:54 pm

    As a Health Visitor I am often amazed at knowledge regarding what we do and the services we provide. Of course I would have tried to obtain a post as a FNP because they get paid at a higher rate and have smaller caseloads!! I am a paediatric trained nursse, but as a paeditric trained nurse very, very few of us have had training to immunise. If allowed we offer an extremely good service offering extra support where necessary, but there are too few of us to be able to provide this. FNP is something that was established in America where they do not have Health Visitors (or anything similar to us) so according to research this offered a brilliant service. Once again this was trialed in Britain and the trial only lasted 8 months before these were implemented. This was not sufficient time to guage how well this service worked and NHS money would be better spent training up new Health Visitors. I think the new idea of training HV's over 12 months that are not already Nurse trained is an appalling notion, my abilities extend from my experiences as a nurse and Joe Public (in my and other HV's I have spoken to) opinion is a ridiculous and obviously just a cost reducing exercise which should never be allowed to happen.

  • Comment on: Upload of patient care records suspended

    Sandra Robinson's comment 25 April, 2010 10:48 pm

    I have already wrote a letter to my GP to inform him and request that I am not included on this system, I believe it is an abuse of our privacy and also considering how much information has not been kept safe by PCT's or the government I am not willing to have my information available online. A number of my children have also sent out letters requesting to be omitted from these records. I would like to know (if anyone out there can tell me?) how I have my 9 year old son's records removed or stopped from entering on to these records?
    The fact that Labour were able to target patients who had been diagnosed with cancer recently as part of their electioneering beggars belief! I would have thought that Data Protection would have made it impossible to obtain the names and addresses of these individuals. Tell me you aren't worried after that little fiasco because I am!! If someone can hack into NASA this record system should be easy to access and abuse.

  • Comment on: Which political party deserves the nursing vote?

    Sandra Robinson's comment 13 April, 2010 7:45 pm

    I for one will not be voting Labour or should I say NuLabour (Conservatives by any other name!) I will probably vote conservatives although I do not fully agree with everything thay are doing. I would love to have the opportunity to vote in a referendum regarding Europe as I for one wish we had never joined ( and not because I am a bigot because two of my own children are 1/4 Polish) but because we seem to have different rules than everybody else. We seem to be the only ones that are expected to play by their rules (unlike Germany and France) we continue to be in a recession despite what Labour would have you think. Labour have targets that are acheived frequently by any means possible, we have lots of wards springing up with lots of initials in their title such as MAU where men and women share a ward, and this is not dignified or appropriate by any stretch of the imagination. As members of the nursing profession we are too used to having to use "anonymous" instead of our own names, as we are not allowed to have our own opinions.

  • Comment on: Restaurants to cut portion sizes as obesity crisis looms

    Sandra Robinson's comment 1 March, 2010 8:24 pm

    I think that you will find that most restaurants I go to already have smaller portions available called Light Bites and surely it is up to the individual what they want to eat? I don't know many people who eat that frequently in restaurants, so why when you treat yourself to a meal out do you have to limit your consumption if you don't want to? When I take my mother out she cannot manage the full size portions so always has the child sized portion, this "Big Brother" attitude of Labour is really getting impossible to accept, we are turning in to "Animal Farm" !have you seen the size of some MP's, they are not all light weights! another case of "do as I say, not do as I"do

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