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Sex at work: Bad idea or good time management?


Are you having sex on your breaks? Beyond the Bedpan prefers a coffee and a crossword, but we think we’re alone.

This week Beyond the Bedpan was shocked to read the allegations made by a former director of nursing, who accused bosses at Milton Keynes Hospital of covering up scandals like bodies being left on the morgue floor, surgical errors and staff posting inappropriate photos onto Facebook. Again.

But never mind that, the bit that caught Beyond the Bedpan’s eye was the complaint that staff had been caught having sex in the pharmacy. Having sex. In the pharmacy.

Now we’re as open minded as the next open minded nursing column, we’ve seen Grey’s Anatomy. We know what goes on. But this was during working hours. Have these people no sense of decency? Or is it just good time management? If you’re a busy nurse working all hours of the day and night does it make sense to sneak a quickie into your fag break? Or should staff be focusing more on the job in hand?

We thought Nurse Jackie was a comedy drama, but it seems not. Either it’s actually a drama documentary or the MK staff are seeing it as some kind of training programme. We hope they aren’t following Jackie’s lead in using the pharmacist as an illegitimate source of prescription medication. That would be wronger than wrong.

One reader innocently asked “Were the employees caught having sex on their breaks? If so no one suffered…it happens regularly in hospitals.” Oh really? So now we all know what you get up to when you offer to “put the kettle on”. Are they right? Are doctors and nurses up to no good up and down the country?

And, forgive our wandering gutter mind, then we began to wonder is a pharmacy really the best place to get down and dirty with a like-minded colleague? Or was it just the easy access to oral contraceptives that proved too much of a lure? We’re sure there are better places. A nice warm linen closet? An x ray machine? Underneath the desk at the nurse’s station?

Maybe we’re just being naive. If anyone wants us we’ll be in the stationery cupboard.  


Readers' comments (39)

  • MillerT

    Is that why there's a shortage of beds?

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  • It’s rather hypocritical of Nursing Times having an article like this. Recently they were complaining about the “sexy nurse” image, making light of this story is counterproductive and only encourages such stereotypes. I would have expected bodies being left on the morgue floor rather more important than staff having sex on the job. Staff should not be having sex on the job its unprofessional we are trying to encourage a professional image and this does not help.

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  • Richard White

    Do you want to be taken seriously as a professional organisation? This sort of trivial tittle-tattle does nursing no credit. I'm not averse to a bit of fun, but not on your flagship website.

    Richard White

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  • To the anonymous above lordy lord why are there sooooooooooooo many nurses with no sense of humour. And professional image is just that, an image, cos we're as human as our patients.

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  • Just to add to my comment above, am I the only one who doesnt find anyone they work with remotely shaggable?In work or out of?

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  • Tom Mallinson

    I have to say after reading this article, I must agree with Prof. White's comments above.

    I find this article even more counterproductive when published alongside Mr Whitehead's excellent article about the sexism and social discrimination nurses face when seen as "part of an oppressed class and, as semi professionals, a subordinate profession".

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  • And I suppose you're a stunner yourself? Hope I don't work with you. as a male nurse I find some of my female colleagues very attractive,but of course that's my little secret!

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  • Well this is hardly news is it, I qualified in 1984 and I remember what went on then and has ever since.

    I seem to remember that we are human, and surely sex and the politics that go with it are all part of being human.

    We as a group are no different to any other profession - there will always be those who chose to act impulsively and at time inappropriately.

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  • "...Or should staff be focusing more on the job in hand?"

    So masturbation is ok in work time then? (chortle)

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  • So some people really do get a break. Im more astounded at that than the fact they have time do any thing other than have a quick cuppa

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