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Sex at work: Bad idea or good time management?


Are you having sex on your breaks? Beyond the Bedpan prefers a coffee and a crossword, but we think we’re alone.

This week Beyond the Bedpan was shocked to read the allegations made by a former director of nursing, who accused bosses at Milton Keynes Hospital of covering up scandals like bodies being left on the morgue floor, surgical errors and staff posting inappropriate photos onto Facebook. Again.

But never mind that, the bit that caught Beyond the Bedpan’s eye was the complaint that staff had been caught having sex in the pharmacy. Having sex. In the pharmacy.

Now we’re as open minded as the next open minded nursing column, we’ve seen Grey’s Anatomy. We know what goes on. But this was during working hours. Have these people no sense of decency? Or is it just good time management? If you’re a busy nurse working all hours of the day and night does it make sense to sneak a quickie into your fag break? Or should staff be focusing more on the job in hand?

We thought Nurse Jackie was a comedy drama, but it seems not. Either it’s actually a drama documentary or the MK staff are seeing it as some kind of training programme. We hope they aren’t following Jackie’s lead in using the pharmacist as an illegitimate source of prescription medication. That would be wronger than wrong.

One reader innocently asked “Were the employees caught having sex on their breaks? If so no one suffered…it happens regularly in hospitals.” Oh really? So now we all know what you get up to when you offer to “put the kettle on”. Are they right? Are doctors and nurses up to no good up and down the country?

And, forgive our wandering gutter mind, then we began to wonder is a pharmacy really the best place to get down and dirty with a like-minded colleague? Or was it just the easy access to oral contraceptives that proved too much of a lure? We’re sure there are better places. A nice warm linen closet? An x ray machine? Underneath the desk at the nurse’s station?

Maybe we’re just being naive. If anyone wants us we’ll be in the stationery cupboard.  


Readers' comments (39)

  • As already said, we are human and with that comes all the nitty gritty of human behaviour. It's a bit rich of docs to critique the nursing profession about sexual behaviour in the work place - or rather being open about it in a devil's advocate column - when it's not unheard of for medics to do the same; but hey, they're human too, eh?

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  • Ronald Luton-Brown

    Right sex in my break??? mmmmmmm WHAT BREAK! and lighten up everyone! this is taking the pee out of a disgruntled manager he probably wants sex in his break in the pharmacy! and being up ones rectum is more unprofessional than being human in a CARING VOCATION! i will be professional in my duties But it is a vocation i have to go with Flo on this one!

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  • I remember the days we nurses got a break long enough to have the time to indulge in a bit of hanky panky, if you lived in residence it wasn`t unheard of to go back to your room on your break and indulge, but in this day and age breaks a few and far between and sex is even further off your mind because we are to busy doing our PROFESSIONAL and caring duty to our patients.

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  • im about to start my nurse training in sept.So what i would like to know is will this be expected of me on placement and if so will i have to do a reflective essay on it ? lol :-)

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  • I wish I'd learnt earlier that the pharmacy was the place to 'blow off steam' (so to speak). I'll certainly volunteer to collect TTA's more frequently now!!!

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  • Clearly I'm missing something - What's a break?

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  • Just a small point[?!] - but in our hospital its just pharmacists and pharmacy assistants that work in pharmacy, so why are nurses getting so steamed up [oops] should it not be the pharmceutical profession being called to account for 'under the counter' antics? As a very old nurse the very idea makes me shudder, I just hope they contained the perineal fall out.....

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  • Its this sort of article that brings the nurses reputation down to gutter level its certainly not funny that the goings on of staff at that awful hospital should be treated with such humour
    what about the general public how will they view us we have already had the buses advertising the carry on nurse how can we be taken seriously ????
    i was always proud of being a nurse its getting to the stage when people ask me what i do i think twice what to answer we have had so many scandals
    this is a hospital local to me and it is the pitts i would not take my dog there for treatment
    about time new management was brought in to clean up all and i mean all disciplines of staff
    David Cameron is promising transparency honesty, change , well milton keynes perhaps you can follow suit

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  • It would be nice to GET a break......and a nice cup of tea! let alone have sex,what ever next?

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  • Richard White

    It seems as if my comments have provoked a considerable response, just what was intended. Yes, medics do get up to the same things as everyone else but you don't see it on the BMJ website. If you want to be treated as healthcare professionals then the appropriately circumspect behaviour is required. Also, please do not assume that I am a medic! I work in a scholl of nursing and midwifery and hold these professions in the highest esteem.

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